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Last June 2 was published immortal devil, the free MMO entry to Blizzard’s popular dungeon crawler designed for Android and iOS. Since her announcement, she’s been heavily questioned, sometimes with hilarious results, as fans have always suspected she’s driven more by financial gain than love of the franchise. And their worst suspicions were confirmed, when this week fans realized that you don’t have to spend ten, not fifty, not a hundred, but a hundred and ten thousand dollars to level up a single character. Just as you hear it. But let’s go in parts.

It seems that everything revolves around the Crest system, which is in the hands of a merchant who sells the item called Legendary Crests, which can only be purchased with Eternal Orbs. The problem is that Legendary Crests are earned at a maddening rate unless you purchase the game’s premium currency which gives you direct and easy access to them. The reality is that if you want to be competitive, the game basically forces you to buy and buy Legendary Crests with real money in order to keep up. Worse still, to open a portal to an Elder Rift where you can get legendary gems to upgrade your gear, you need more crests, and of course legendary ones are best, because it turns out the odds are against you, and the better the ridges you use to reinforce a portal, the better the result. Only by using Legendary Crests can you get 5-Star Legendary Gems. In short: you need Legendary Crests to open Ancient Rifts, and for them to be good enough to get Legendary Gems, you need more Legendary Crests.

The calculation made by the players resulted in the fact that you need $110,000 in real money to pay for the whole process. A madness. And of course, the anger of the players was immediate. The game has fallen victim to the practice of review bombardment, in which the goal is to lower a game’s rating to the bare minimum by giving it zero and other somewhat absurd ratings, just to make a point. . Additionally, due to its abusive mechanics, the game is banned in Belgium and the Netherlands, as it contradicts the European Union’s policy against lootboxes. The most respected YouTubers have criticized the game without mercy. The case is so sad that even a video of Starcraft IImade by Blizzard itself, criticizing lootboxes and other abusive practices, has regained its popularity.

VIDEO: Diablo Immortal is a disgrace to Blizzard – BITS

What’s going on? In reality, Blizzard is a company hard hit by a whole host of controversies and abusive practices, both at work and in the marketplace. immortal devil It’s been a stigmatized game, for good reason, ever since it was announced, and it’s failed to shake the stigma, especially with these lootboxes and monetization practices. It’s fair to say that these represent the hurdle of the old Blizzard, the one who was in charge of Activision and Bobby Kotick, and therefore don’t fully represent the new direction of the company, who will be in charge from Microsoft. Therefore, Diablo Immortal is a remnant of an era of infamy, and users have been tougher than us on this, to the point that they want to ban the Immortal reddit from one associated with the Diablo franchise.

What do we conclude? immortal devil it’s the sad vestige of an unhappy time, the decline of Blizzard. But to be honest, there is still hope. If Microsoft manages to transform the company from a mere sweatshop into a treasured repository of legendary intellectual property, I think this episode can easily be forgotten. Remember that if a game is designed from the start as a lootbox mechanic, it’s nearly impossible to turn it into a decent title. Therefore, we advise our users not to consume immortal devil, but don’t lose faith in Blizzard either, at least until their next move. Remember, new direction, new life. See you.

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