The most anticipated feature will finally come to the iPhone 14 Pro

As time passes and September approaches, rumors about the news of the new iPhone 14 are confirmed or denied. Well, after the launch of the first beta version of iOS 16, it seems that we can confirm one of the great functions that the new Apple devices will have. Keep reading as we tell you everything.

The always-on display will come to the iPhone 14 Pro

One of the novelties that rings very strong in the face of the new iPhone models is the possibility that the screen of these is always on, as is the case in the company’s latest Apple Watch models. However, many users thought that Apple could present this novelty at the last WWDC 2022, which did not happen, but could be expected given all the novelties that the Cupertino company presented for the screen of lockdown.


Both lock screen cosmetic makeoveras an opportunity to include widgets in the same and live activity tracking, hinted that while Apple hasn’t showcased the ever-visible iPhone at this developer conference, it could perfectly do so at next September’s keynote with the new iPhone. Even so, the doubt as to whether it would come true was still present.


However, this has been iOS 16, or rather, iOS 16 beta 1 which practically confirmed that this new feature will arrive sooner rather than lateras expected with the launch of the new iPhone, since in the code of this beta 1 references to the support of an always-on screen have been found, so everything indicates that it will finally become a reality.

Why will this be an exclusive feature?

Unfortunately, not all good news As for this feature of having the iPhone screen always on, and that was something that could happen predictably. It looks like Apple’s plans are coming true because this striking feature is something exclusive not just to the iPhone 14, but Pro models only, i.e. iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. This exclusivity could be justified, on the part of the Cupertino company, by the refresh rate of the screen, which in these models reaches 120 Hz, and which is necessary to ensure that the consumption of the battery with this new function is as low as possible.

iPhone 13 Pro Max upright

However, for this reason, it is possible that the other two iPhone models that already have a Pro Motion display can take advantage of it, such as the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max. However, it would be really curious, and strange on the part of Apple, if such a striking function were not to be found in the iPhone 14 and 14 Max, but in two other models that are already a year old on the market. In short, we will have to be vigilant because it is not really confirmed by Apple, although of course the signs indicate very clearly what the company’s plans are.

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