The Last of Us Remake was announced at Summer game partyand although many have complained about the few changes which have been appreciated, in reality yes there is a big difference.

The YouTube channel TheBitAnalystpublished a comparison of the two versions of the game, showing that there is intricate work in the new installment.

If you don’t believe me, I leave you the video below so you can draw your own conclusions about the next job of the naughty dog.

This video clearly shows that The Last of Us Remake There were not only significant changes in the graphics, but also in the lighting, motion capture and scenarios section.

As you may have noticed, now Ellie and Joel look much more realistic and leave behind the stiff facial expressions we saw in the original title.

On the other hand, several scenarios look different and come much closer to reality, with changes in lighting and even perspectives, without completely changing the appearance of the title released in 2013.

The Last of Us Remake Changes
Joel looks more real. Image: Summer Game Party.

This video clearly shows that the changes are noticeable, and that those who criticized the game for its first clip didn’t appreciate all the work done by the studio.

The Last of Us Remake will show its changes in different versions

This title will come with three different builds that will include different perks and extras depending on what you’re willing to pay.

The single-player game will cost $70. and will only have the prequel titled left overyou will therefore have no reward.

The second package available is the digital deluxe edition which will give you the base game, the prequel game and some first items and abilities which are:

  • Improved item creation speed
  • healing speed
  • Quick Reload Upgrade for 9mm
  • Improved Rifle Capacity
  • Explosive Arrow Modifier
  • Punk Dither Filter
  • fast race mode
  • Six weapon skins including Black Gold 9mm Pistol, Silver Filigree 9mm Pistol, Rubber Tactical Rifle, Carved Oak Shotgun, Arctic White Bow, Carbon Black Bow.

all these elements they will cost you 80 dollarsSo get your wallet ready.

The Last of Us Remake Digital Deluxe Edition
Picture: Naughty Dog.

If you did well in the fortnight, you can buy the Firefly Editionwhich includes everything in the deluxe edition plus a metal box for the game and issues 1-4 of The Last of Us: American Dreams comic.

this last package It has a cost of 99 dollarsbut it promises you to have the full experience of this game.

The Last of Us Firefly Edition
Picture: Naughty Dog.

Do you think it’s worth going back? The last of us with these changes? Tell us in the comments and follow us on our social networks.

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