They reveal the Chilean team's hard work to appoint Nayel Mehssatou without fear of repeating Robbie Robinson's embarrassment

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La Tercera reported that Francis Cagigao made objective visits and presentations to Nayel Mehssatoul, while Marko Biskupovic conducted a study with all kinds of data on the 19-year-old winger born in Belgium and with Chilean blood from his mother. .

They reveal the background work of the Reds so that Nayel Mehssatou does not repeat the embarrassment of Robbie Robinson.
© Communication ANFPThey reveal the background work of the Reds so that Nayel Mehssatou does not repeat the embarrassment of Robbie Robinson.

Nayel Mehssatouthe Belgian-born 19-year-old right-back to a Moroccan father and Chilean mother is the big surprise of the Chilean team led by Eduardo Berizzo on La Roja’s tour of Asia while waiting to hear FIFA’s decision in the Byron Castillo case, which can put everyone’s squad at the Qatar 2022 World Cup by secretary.

The Belgian took part in the Reds’ under-19 in 2019 while the European country’s selection also followed him closely. In the end, Mehssatou opted for the team of his mother’s blood and was nominated for the Asian tour, but beforehand the ANFP headquarters acted with caution for fear of repeating the mistake and embarrassment that had occurred with Robbie Robinson. .

The story was detailed by La Tercera, explaining that a thorough and exhaustive work was carried out in the red internal to be sure of Mehssatou’s conviction before appointing him. The idea was to avoid at all costs a repeat of Robbie Robinson’s surprising exodus when he was already called up to the Chilean squad.

“At the Reds, they were careful when appointing him. In the memory of the representatives of Quilín, the escape of Robbie Robinson, the American who agreed to play for Chile, and even focused on Juan Pinto Durán, before a friendly tour, always revolves around, but who has finally ended up running away. Juan Pinto Durán left, without any explanation”, publishes La Tercera.

The morning newspaper adds that “Francis Cagigao, the sports director, analyzed all the variables before starting the process which involved Nayel Mehssatoul. He didn’t want another case like Robbie Robinson. That’s why the Hispanic met the footballer and his agent to find out his intentions. He did it via zoom and took advantage of the last tour he made in Europe to personally convey his wish to defend the Reds, and not Belgium or Morocco.

“The Spaniard made a presentation to the footballer in which he projected his future in the national team. He showed him the challenges that awaited the Reds at the hands of Eduardo Berizzo. After this interview, the two sides gave each other seven days to make a decision. In parallel, the Tracking and Analysis department of the ANFP, led today by Marko Biskupovic, carried out an in-depth analysis, gathering technical and physical data. Reports of objective testimonies have been included for later build a record of behavior, character and data on how he trained at his club and his relationship with his teammates.All the tests gave positive results,” the Copesa outlet added.

And as Berizzo and Mehssatou speak French, communication between coach and player is fluid. Moreover, being fluent in English allows the winger to bond with Ben Brereton, who has integrated him on a personal and collective level.

“Mehssatou is a boy, he is intelligent and he has settled in well. Train and work hard. He is an intelligent footballer, he learns quickly. Being in a club like Anderlecht for many years, it shows. He has this working school of a big European club, ”they condemned from La Roja to La Tercera.

This Friday from 02:15, the Chilean team and Nayel Mehssatou make their Kirin Cup debut against Tunisia at Noevir Stadium in Kobe, Japan. The mission of Toto Berizzo’s team will be to put behind them the defeat against South Korea.

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