“We love that Chileans come to Ecuador.  Welcome, absolutely nothing is happening”

The call from AS finds Roberto Miranda, a Chilean who has lived in Guayaquil for more than a decade, with Santiago Naranjo, an Ecuadorian friend. The owner of an advertising agency in the South American city is a football fan (“I’m a Barcelona fan here and I go to the stadium”), he was therefore aware of the progress of the ANFP’s request against the Ecuadorian Federation for a quota in Qatar 2022. Kindly, the professional expands on the internal sensation in the country, after the FIFA decision for the alleged Colombian nationality Byron Castillo.

“We knew here that the question was going to be complicated. On the other hand, you know that many people did not agree with the decision taken by the ANFP. Especially us here, putting our hands on our hearts, we always said to ourselves that we had to win this on the pitch. Obviously, we didn’t have much confidence in what was going to happen, but there is also an underlying problem that has to do with the player and the situation, because on several occasions Chile have also been injured”, explains Miranda from Guayaquil.

– Has the situation experienced had an impact on the daily life of Chileans there?

– Listen, to be honest about friends and all that, the typical memes finished, that we were going to lose again, that we were going to watch the world cup on television. Pure memes or sizes, there are no bad vibes. Obviously, they understand that it was a decision of the ANFP and not of the country.

Roberto Miranda has an advertising agency in Guayaquil.


Roberto Miranda has an advertising agency in Guayaquil.

– The Ecuadorian people behaved well…

– They are very respectful here. Those who have become more competitive, so to speak, are journalists, especially sports journalists.

– What happened to them?

– They became more categorical in saying certain things… in attacking (Arturo) Vidal, the Chilean national team. I followed the networks and there it was much harder.

– Can the Chileans then go to Ecuador in peace?

– Listen, this will be answered by an Ecuadorian friend, who I have right next to me…

Then, Naranjo intervenes in the conversation: “Everything is calm here, what happens on the pitch stays on the pitch. You cannot judge a whole country, which by the way is a friendly country, by a group of people who wanted to act on its behalf. Football has these things and suddenly you could go a little further There are people who pull the strings the wrong way I have a lot of Chilean friends and we love that they come Welcome here he absolutely nothing is happening.”

– Do you agree with what your friend Roberto says?

– Listen, in general the situation is calm. They will surely annoy us a little more, especially when the World Cup is played. I have lived here for 15 years, I am in many WhatsApp groups, and I have many Ecuadorian friends, the ones I trust the most are the ones who annoy me. For the rest, the truth is that they don’t care… in the end they will go to the World Cup, they will enjoy it and you know that in the end, it happens. These are moments that we live and then people forget.

– Did the Chilean community believe that the ANFP could win the case?

– Nooo, I think we never had much faith in the FIFA issue. Finally, if there was a decision, we thought it would be against the player, not the federation. This story comes from behind. Some have said “why didn’t they nationalize Byron Castillo? “. Because how are you going to nationalize someone who is Ecuadorian? There is a series of things there that will ultimately remain internal, I don’t know, we will remain with a half-doubt.

– Is the question of the origins of certain players a repetitive question in Ecuadorian football?

– Yes, and we talk regularly. That there is a lot of neglect, that there is double identification, people who were born on one side and registered later on the other. But it’s not a problem that you say started with evil. It is the negligence of the country itself and of the civil registry that does not work quickly.

– What is dual identification?

– Look, you were born in Santiago and we gave you an identity card. Later, as you lost your identity card, you changed town, to Punta Arenas for example, and they took you to the civil registry there, they did not find the identity card. identity and they came to give you another one. Ultimately we are talking about the fact that this happened before things were digitized and in many cases there are only papers.

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