Colo Colo allows Pablo Solari to miss the interseasonal friendly and Gustavo Quinteros is worried

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El Cacique enjoyed his first offseason friendly in Argentina on Friday and for this engagement against Atlanta, Pibe Solari did not say present, which worried Quinteros, all in the midst of his frustrated exit to Mexican football.

El Pibe was absent from the Cacique's last friendly match.
© Guille Salazar/RedGolEl Pibe was absent from the Cacique’s last friendly match.

summer camp he only thinks about staying in the fight for the title of the National Championship and go with everything to fight the South American Cup this second half of 2022, and it is within this framework that it is conducting a offseason in Argentina. At the same time, in Santiago, Alba’s board of directors rejected the sale offer to Paul Solari.

Leader received an offer of nearly $4 million from the mexico america in a second attempt to take the skillful 21-year-old Argentinian strikerbut The importance of El Pibe for Gustavo Quinteros’ team led Blanco y Negro to reject the proposal.

Thus, this Friday, June 10, the Eternal Champion played his first friendly match of the offseason on the other side of the mountain range and precisely the one formed in Talleres de Córdoba was the conspicuous absentee from the casting ordered by the Argentine nationalized and Bolivians. Cacique’s coach, but that has an explanation.

It was journalist Daniel Arrieta, responsible for following the day-to-day Popular team on TNT Sports, who revealed the reasons why Solari was not in a 1-1 draw against Atlanta, the promotion team. Argentina.

Colo Colo drew 1-1 with Atlanta of the First National, second category of Transandean football, thanks to a goal from César Fuentes. Dani Arrieta reported that Solari didn’t attend as he wasn’t in peak physical condition, as he couldn’t sleep well. The fact worried the DT.

The report also states that Quinteros will take action on this and talk to Solari to find out what is going through El Pibe’s head as his footballing future keeps spinning. Solari’s desire to leave for America was no mystery, but the refusal of Alba’s board threw everything overboard, generating disappointment in the player.

That said, for the moment the future of Pablo Solari remains in the Cacique. And even if a new offer arrives from another club or from America itself, which meets the economic expectations they have in Macul, the truth is that El Pibe will continue in the Monumental until the end of the season, as established by the black and white council. under their new conditions.

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