Impressive: Apple reigns in all categories of portable devices

He just experienced a new WWDCthe Apple developer event that had the tech scene talking all week due to the large number of announcements made by the brand regarding the renewal of their operating systems which will include exciting new features as well as the announcement of new wearable devices.

And it is precisely at this point that Apple is experiencing real glory days of realizing the so-called “five Olympic rings” of laptops by achieving this in the smartphone, laptop, smartwatch, tablets and wireless headphones categories. your devices are the best sellers in the world. As such.

Breaking it down, The best-selling smartphone of the moment is the iPhone 13, something that usually happens in the first few months of every year as its premiere takes place in September and October immediately before. And beware, in the list of best sellers there are still iPhone 12 models and even something 11 if we expand the list a little more.

Continuing the breakdown, if we talk about laptops, the bestseller currently corresponds to MacBook Air 2020, a team that had the push for Apple’s M1 chip and continues to be applauded for the power it delivers without the need for a fan. Moreover, it is cheaper than its counterpart with an Intel processor inside and this has kept it on top.

Exactly the same happens in the case of the smartwatch, the best-selling device in this category in the world is the Apple Watch Series 6the one that debuted in 2020 precisely with the iPhone 12 and that despite initial criticism of showing more of the same (just like the smartphone), Apple managed to convince users who continued to buy it in droves .

If we talk about tablets, we already know that the Entry iPad introduced in 2021 leads sales and as we told you in that other note, these Apple devices are present four times in the ranking of the five best sellers in the world. A weightless victory.

And finally, the The best-selling wireless headphones on the planet are the AirPods Prowhich hit the market in distant October 2019 and with next-level active noise cancellation, in addition to other features, may continue to sell so well two and a half years after its first.

Something is happening with Apple which, despite these are more expensive devices than others and therefore (supposedly) have a large number of detractors, they continue to be the best sellers in the market and thus consolidate what they began to call an ecosystem many years ago. There are some brands like huawei and now stronger Samsungwho are already betting a lot on this concept, but the question is whether they will be able to chew the apple in a short time?

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