LG showcased its latest collection of OLED products during Milan Design Week

LG Electronics showcased its latest lifestyle OLED TVs at Salone dei Tessuti during Milan Design Week, including the Objet, Easel (65Art90) and Posé (LX1) collections. In order to create something special for the event, LG teamed up with high-end Dutch lifestyle brand Moooi, presenting a stylish and modern living solution. The resulting collaboration, which adopted Moooi’s “Extraordinary Life” exhibition theme, showcases the perfect blend of LG’s latest lifestyle TVs and Moooi’s extraordinary design products.

LG OLED Objet Collection, Easel (65Art90) delivers the premium picture quality you’ve come to expect from an LG OLED TV, along with an effortlessly sleek design that can raise the bar of style in any home . As its name suggests, the television resembles a desk used for painting or displaying works of art; a form factor tailored to display the beautiful colors and contrast of LG’s self-illuminated display technology. The music stand also has a removable fabric cover that can be controlled with the TV remote. When set to Line View, the lid slides up, reducing the amount of screen visible and giving users access to useful features and modes, such as Date & Clock and Audio Player.

Like LG’s other premium 2022 OLED TVs, the new art-inspired model harnesses LG OLED evo technology to deliver incredibly lifelike images and an immersive cinematic viewing experience. Combined with LG’s cutting-edge picture algorithms and α9 Gen5 AI processor, LG OLED evo boosts the capacity of the TV’s self-illuminating pixels to deliver superior clarity, detail, contrast and color, projecting images that pop almost off the screen. The sophisticated TV also delivers rich, powerful sound with an 80W 4.2-channel sound system that helps make the room feel like a movie theatre. Using fabric elements (including the mobile cover), these have been produced by renowned and innovative Danish textile company, Kvadrat, creating a unique new LG product comprised of a subtle, modern aesthetic that adds value to living environments.

Also new to LG’s Lifestyle TV lineup is the LG OLED Objet Collection, the Posé (LX1), which features a sleek, slim design that blends seamlessly into any room’s decor and lifestyle. ‘user. Having been carefully designed to meet customers’ wishes and values, Posé is the perfect choice for those looking for a television that takes into account their daily routine and experience.

Resembling a high-end piece of furniture or an art object, Posé has gently curved edges and comes in a soft, soothing beige. And with an aesthetic design that complements any decor, users can enjoy the striking beauty of Posé from every angle. The advanced design even eliminates the frustration of looking at or managing messy cables with an efficient cable management system that minimizes clutter and promotes a clean, tidy space at all times.

As well as looking stylish from every angle, the TV delivers superb OLED evo picture quality that remains perfectly smooth when viewed from virtually any vantage point. And when not in use for watching movies or shows, Posé can be switched to Gallery mode; Allows users to display artwork or photos on LG’s self-illuminated digital canvas and transform their space into a refined art gallery.

“Reflecting our leadership in the OLED TV market, which delivers unrivaled experiences in cutting-edge display and processing technologies, along with a deep understanding of consumer needs, the new Lifestyle line of displays delivers extraordinary experiences. and exquisite design,” said Park Hyoung-sei, president of home entertainment company LG.

“These distinctive TVs stand out from conventional TVs with their unique form factors and finishes, and are likely to appeal to consumers who understand and appreciate the value of true innovation.”

LG Lifestyle Screen’s latest products will be on display at Salone dei Tessuti in Milan, Italy from June 7-12. Easel (65-inch screen size) and Posé (55-inch, 48-inch and 42-inch) will launch in Europe and other selected markets from the third quarter of this year.

Visitors to the LG/Moooi Expo can also expect to experience the excellent sound and unique designs of the LG Eclair Soundbar (Model QP5) and LG XBOOM 360 Speaker (Model RP4).

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