"Life tells me that love is not for me": the series Yo Soy Betty, La Fea will no longer be on Netflix |  Television and Show

Users did not subtract the reactions after learning that the hit soap will leave the platform on July 10.

Various fans were left with some bad news after streaming platform Netflix made an announcement about one of its biggest hits this Saturday: I am Betty the ugly. And it is that fiction is found in the selection that will leave your programmatic grid.

The Colombian telenovela, which It’s been years without getting out of the top 10 most watched has a new notice when viewing fiction on the platform: “Last day to view this title: July 10.”

I am Betty the ugly It was first broadcast in 1999 on the Colombian channel RCN Televisión. The fiction was not only crowned with resounding national success, but also triumphed abroad, being dubbed in over 25 languages ​​and with over 30 international adaptations.

His success was such that in 2010 he was crowned the most successful telenovela in historyaccording to Guinness World Records.

Likewise, the series cannot leave its popularity behind, since more than 20 years after its premiere, it continues to gain followers from all generations, become a trend in different social networks.

A hope for the fans

The release of the telenovela also recalls the announcement of other popular productions that would disappear from the platform’s catalog, since it was Passion for falconswho left the platform in October 2020.

However, according to El Comercio, months later the novel returned to the platform due to its popularity and constant user complaints.

The same thing happened with movies. Shrek. In March of this year, it was announced that the green ogre would leave the platform forever. However, the impact of the announcement was such that in April of the same year it was announced that the tape would continue on Netflix.

This kind of move, according to the same platform site, is happening because it “partners with content providers and studios to get licenses and rights to other titles.”

This is why productions may “only be available in certain countries or For a limited time.”

Users cry cause I’m Betty, La Fea

Although the reasons for leaving the fiction are still unknown, the news is definitely did not leave indifferent the followers of the story of Beatriz Pinzónthat have been seen on social media.

BiobioChile Netflix Chile has been contacted for more details on the release of the fiction having no response.

It should be noted that you can always review the fiction. Considering that the soap opera has 335 chapters lasting approximately half an hourit would take 167.5 hours to watch all the fiction without stopping, i.e. almost seven days.

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