realme offers security functions for emergency situations

According to information provided by the Tactical Police Operation System of the Carabinieri of Chile, in our country there has been a 41% increase in the number of crimes of greater social connotation (DMCS) in the first quarter of 2022, compared to the same period of the previous exercise.

Faced with this complex scenario, smartphones can become a real lifeline in any emergency situation. Aspects of photography, performance, storage capacity, and battery can be helpful in maximizing security and privacy options in different situations.

For example, the realme UI operating system interface, which includes tools that can be of great help in any eventuality, such as:

Security and emergency: This feature, integrated into smartphones like the realme 8 5G, makes it possible to make calls or send SMS in risky situations. Once enabled, users can select (preset) emergency contacts in the phone settings and call them in an emergency, simply by pressing the phone’s power button five times. You can also choose to send an SMS that includes the current location, photos and audio recordings of the mobile environment.

By having access to location information, including GPS and time, if the user moves more than 200 meters from the previous location, in less than a minute, a notification will be sent to emergency contacts with updated location.

This tool also facilitates communication with emergency services, such as the police, fire brigade and ambulance. In addition, the tool allows you to add personal data such as blood type, diseases, allergies or medications, so that a support team has access to the patient’s most important information. To program this feature: Settings>Security. In its settings, you can choose and add different options such as emergency contacts.

Safe: When a phone is stolen, one of the major concerns for users is access to personal information and files. In this situation, realme UI makes it easy to hide apps and prevent them from being accessed via “Safe” or “App Lock” tools.

Via the Settings > Privacy > Privacy protection path, you can select apps that contain sensitive information and configure them to keep them hidden or access them only with a passcode. In turn, you can change whether you want to receive notifications related to these apps or whether their activity will be reflected in the recent tasks menu.

File Protection: With realme UI, you can determine if an external server is trying to manipulate photos saved on devices. The “File protection” function, which is also activated in the privacy settings, allows you to receive notifications if an external application tries to steal or delete the images and screenshots stored on the mobile phone.

Find my device: Locating the device remotely is possible using the “Find My Device” function, available on realme smartphones. Once programmed, the smartphone can be searched from any computer or other terminal, by entering the pre-established username and password. This tool also gives you the possibility to protect your data in case of loss of your computer.

Payment Protection: Faced with a scenario in which online shopping is increasingly common, mobile phones must have the ability to protect the information shared on the platforms. The ‘Payment Protection’ feature included in the security settings of realme smartphones takes care of doing an in-depth analysis of the applications installed on the device. In case of identification of suspicious activity, the user will be warned not to share banking or personal data.

realme is committed to delivering complete experiences through highly competitive products. From the design of equipment to the development of operating systems, they are designed to support and improve people’s lives.

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