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sound borders, the next SEGA mascot game is attracting attention to give way to a seemingly more open world than what Sonic Team had us used to. This gameplay change took fans by surprise, and the makers of the project have just revealed why they decided to take this step in the series.

As part of the month of news that SEGA wishes to offer around sound borderstoday IGN shared an interview with Takashi Iizuka, creative head of Sonic Team, responsible for sound borders and the Sonic team.

The interview was very interesting, because in it he confesses why SEGA chose to give the title the open world treatment or, strictly speaking, in the case of sound bordersopen area, which is not the same.

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Because sound borders will have something similar to an open world?

Iizuka comments that Sonic Team wanted to challenge themselves by creating a new type of action game that had “a higher level of freedom”, which was the main goal of sound borders.

According to Iizuka, this challenge was designed after completing work on Sonic forces and mentions that they also thought of the traditional format with a linear 3D style, but felt that “their capacity for innovation would be limited” and that they could only create “something that fans had already seen”. So the team had to think about how to change it and that’s how they came up with the idea of sound borders.

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Iizuka had already mentioned that sound borders it was more of an open area game and not an open world game. The creative reiterated this and explained that it is precisely because the basis of the gameplay is in the classic 3D action and adventure genre of Sonic and a little more freedom has been added, and this is not is not a title that revolves around freedom and from this its gameplay is structured, like any open world game.

“So in the open islands you can experience a lot and enjoy the 3D action very quickly. Sonic and in addition, we have more traditional high-speed action levels for people to enjoy as well,” Iizuka said.

Exploration will be key sound borders

With these elements in one title, the creator believes players will be able to experience a greater variety of action than ever before.

Bringing these elements together will be exploration, which will be very important both in terms of gameplay and storytelling. Iizuka explained that Sonic doesn’t know how to save his friends and he will have to find out by exploring the mysterious islands where he was transported.

What do you think of the motivation to do Sonic fontiers? Tell us in the comments.

sound borders It doesn’t have a release date yet, but it will debut in late 2022 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and PC. You can find more news related to the series if you visit this page.

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