The contradictions of the golden generation

The X-ray of the Chilean footballers who played in the five major European championships (England, Spain, Italy, Germany and France), during the last season 2021-2022, is decisive. Only two players have exceeded 70% of minutes in all competitions for points.

There are 11 Chileans who have played in the five most important leagues of the Old Continent. The only one who didn’t finish the season is Eric’s Thumbwho went from Fiorentina in Italy’s Serie A to Galatasaray in Turkey.

Gary Medel was the Chilean footballer who played the most in his team. Between Serie A and the Italian Cup, the ‘Pitbull’ was present in 81.7% of minutes and in 87.2% of Bologna matches. Of the 34 games he has appeared in, he has started 33 and has only been substituted seven times. The other national football player who had a high attendance was Enzo Roco in Elche (71.2%).

The debt of the stars

At Inter Milan, Arturo Vidal and Alexis Sanchez they ended the season with two titles: the Italian Cup and the Super Cup. In the league, they were overtaken by AC Milan. However, the Chileans’ presence was scarce and coach Simone Inzaghi played them in less than 30% of the season’s total minutes.

Although the “King” played 78.8% of the matches, he played only 29.4% of the minutes. In the case of Alexis, he was only present in 28.5% of the minutes, but his attacking figures are very good, as he was involved in 14 goals for Inter, with nine goals and five assists .

In fact, the ‘Maravilla’ directly participated in 18.2% of Inter’s goals while on the pitch. It was the best production in attack of all the Chilean football players who play in the five most important leagues in Europe.

The other Chilean who was champion is Claudio Bravo, which he celebrated in the Copa del Rey, with Manuel Pellegrini as coach. Between injuries and rotation of the engineer, the captain of the Reds played 39.6% of the minutes of the Sevillian cast.

Of the golden generation, Charles Aranguiz It was the second with the most continuity in Europe, with an appearance in 50.8% of minutes and in 72.7% of games for Bayer Leverkusen in the 2021-2022 season.

on the other sidewalk, Paul Galdames in Genoa from Serie A and Francois Serralta Premier League side Watford fell on hard times and were relegated from their leagues. The midfielder played 32.7% of his team’s minutes, while the defender disappeared from the England squad in January and never added any appearances again.

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