The Divine Food: Pamela Lagos will recount the difficult times she experienced because of her husband's illness

Saturday, in a new episode of season 8 of divine foodPamela Lagos will recount the difficult times she experienced due to the illness of her husband, Felipe Vásquez.

In a preview of the CHV accessed by Page 7, the psychologist will report that when she was seven months pregnant “Pipe was found to have acute lymphoblastic leukemia”.

“The problem is, when they found out, he was already very serious. 89% of his blood was cancerous. We discovered it in a super random way, because I started to notice that he was losing a lot of weight, ”he will tell.

“Within a minute he catches a cold, we go to the doctor and he says it’s just a cold. I said to him ‘doctor, please send him for some tests, he’s eating a lot and not gaining weight,’” he recalls.

Lagos will specify that the day the results arrived, they were at the airport, in the direction of Concepción, about to board the plane.

“They called him from the lab to tell him that something had gone very wrong and that he had to leave now to do this test again. He does not fish, he tells me and I am writing to my cousin who is doctor, and my cousin said to me: ‘Take him to the clinic now, he won’t go to Conce, get off’“, will detail.

“We arrived at the clinic and a lady covered in plastic appeared, they put him in a bubble and he didn’t come out again. Amelia was born in the middle of it all. This back and forth lasted 8 months. Pipe came home when our daughter was 3 or 4 months old.“, will deepen.

In this context, Jordi Castell will ask her how she coped with all this situation, especially when she was pregnant.

“We cried for three days, that the birth, that I don’t know what, that Pipe is not going to be there, he is not going to see his daughter born. On the third day, one of my brothers, Caco, grabs me and says: ‘What do you worry about if he’s going to see his daughter born, don’t worry about your daughter having a father’“, will relate.

The psychologist will comment that at that moment she made a “switch change”, which helped her to live through all this complex moment.

“I go to the bubble and stand in front of the glass and say, ‘Look, man. I’m not ugly, I’m smart and this little goat is going to be exquisite. If you don’t get out of here at some point, I’m going to meet someone else and she’s going to call that person daddy’” (sic), she asserts.

“He stops and says, ‘I’m not going to die.’ Perfect, I told him, that’s all I wanted to hear. From there we laughed, we had fun. Pipe invited me to eat every Friday in his bubblethe nurses put us a small table and we ate through the glass and we made health”, she added.

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