The DT who comes from Europe and seeks another "miracle" in Chile

Antofagasta is the absolute last of the 2022 national championship. It only adds 11 points in the first round and risks becoming one of the two teams that will lose the category at the end of the season. Trying to correct course, the northern box announced the arrival of Javier Torrente as technical director. A challenge that is not new for the Argentine coach, who comes from Beerschot VA in Belgium.

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The two previous experiences of Torrent in Chilean football, they took place in a context similar to the one they will face in Antofagasta. The trasandino was created in the local league, in 2012, under the command of Cobreloa. However, in the two cycles at Everton, before he will live in the north, the aim was also to achieve permanence in the first division.

big increase

The first stage of Torrente in Everton It started on the last date of the first round of 2018. The Argentine strategist arrived in Viña del Mar as the home side were last in the tournament with 9 points. In the end, the Viñamarinos ended the year in 11th place, among 16 teams, and far from any danger.

When the manager arrived at the club, Everton had won just two games and recorded three draws and 10 defeats. He added 15 goals for and 27 against. The return percentage on the gold and sky frame was only 20%.

Torrent, first from left to right, in Belgium.


Torrent, first from left to right, in Belgium.

With the direction of Torrente, the panorama has completely changed. In 17 games played, Everton have won seven games, drawn six and lost four times. In total, those led by the trans-Andean accumulated 27 points and the performance reached 52.9%.

Alleging the beginning of the realization of personal projects, the DT surprisingly left at the end of the season. Months later, specifically in March 2019, he was announced as the new coach of Monarcas Morelia, in the Mexican league.

successful return

However, after a short time Torrent again he supported Evertonian Bank. On date 22 of the 2019 national championship, the coach took over the management of the team. He was back on date 22, with the Viñamarinos again struggling to move away from the last positions, and the prospects in the standings were also unfavorable: 13th place out of 16 teams.

In 21 games played, they had five wins, seven draws and nine losses, with 22 points and a yield of 34.9%. They were only two units from the first position of the two relegated.

Following the social epidemic, the national championship has not finished playing. However, Everton still finished 2019 in 11th place out of 16 teams.

Unlike the previous stage, this time Torrente continued to command Viñamarino’s team. He remained in office until 2020, when he was replaced by Roberto Sensini. Finally, the entire second cycle of the DT expired with 28 games played (8 wins, 11 draws and 9 falls) and an efficiency percentage of 41.7%.

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