'The hardest part is when there are still feelings': Daniela Colett got honest a year after split from Edu Vargas

After eight years together and three children together, Daniela Colett and Eduardo Vargas ended their relationship a year ago. However, a photograph of the two on social media sparked rumors of an alleged reconciliation.

However, the Brazilian model clarified everything during a conversation with LUN where she pointed out that “we have been separated for a year, it is time for everyone to move on with their lives”.

“I really don’t see anything out of the ordinary. It was a school event where we were going to see our children,” he said of the family postcard.

In the same vein, the model explained that she currently has a good relationship with the striker. “They are our children and we will always have this bond,” he explained.

“What we try the most is that there are no wars. Obviously there are arguments sometimes, but we try to fix them and be friends” said the Brazilian.

Similarly, Daniela explained to the media that in a separation “the most difficult is when there are still feelings. One side will always be more affected than the other, but the decisions are also the result that you have chosen. at some point in life

“Me and Eduardo are not always at peace, but I always made it clear to him that when I made the decision to separate, I was not going to go back,” he revealed.

In this sense, Daniela assured that “the important thing is that I help him in what he needs, there is no resentment. Finally, he is the father of my children. I want that he will be happy, so that my children will be happy.

Afterwards, the model wished her ex success and that he did well, furthermore, he pointed out that he hoped to find “someone cool” in the future. “I hope he wished me the same,” she added.

Of course, he confessed that the relationship between the two was not always the best after the break but they were working to improve it for the sake of the three children they have.

“Sometimes you hurt with words, but you have to put them aside and think about the well-being of the children. Now I always told him that I wanted to have a friendly relationship with him, and that was not always achieved. because, like I said, when there are still feelings, it’s difficult. But we try to achieve that,” he revealed.

Finally, the model pointed out that the children adapted well to the changes after the separation. And he announced that he would return to Porto Alegre with the little ones to be closer to his family.

“The equation is: good mom, good kids. So I enjoy life and I meet people. What if I’m in a relationship? No, but I meet very cool people. I don’t want to tell yet” , concluded Daniela.

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