The women's team of La Serena requests the departure of part of the technical staff and they begin a stoppage of activities

The players of Deportes la Serena have started a stoppage of activities and the request for the dismissal of all the technical staff of the team, with the exception of two people, due to negligence in the care of the players and the means of be able to train.

Deportes la Serena never predicted the scenario they are living in the present, after Paula Hinojosa, player of the club, will occupy their social networks, to show the total abandonment that the leadership, with the branch feminine of the institution.

In fact, they are currently in a cessation of activities, where they did not go yesterday to today’s meeting against unique sports, in the north of the country. In addition, one of the main requirements they demanded was the departure of the entire coaching staff with the exception of two of its members.

ANJUFF support

Players’ decision the Serena, was endorsed by the ANJUFF and by mutual agreement, they communicated a letter, where it is mentioned: “we want to reiterate the abandonment of leadership with our category we continue without having a suitable sports site for high level competition.

“Today we need a enclosure with light and water, since, as is the case, we are obliged to train in the darksays the press release.

They add that “the constant minimizing our injuries, those who are usually only treated with ice and ibuprofen, forcing us to seek treatment outside the club. Moreover, we were accused of having invented these injuries so as not to train, travel or play.

For the same reason, and with the support of the Sub 19 category, they explain that they are going to paralyze their activities, “by majority decision, as first-team players and with the support of the under-19 category, we have decided to keep and make public our unemployment until reaching an agreement with Hugo Balladares on the acceptance of our requests,” they say.


Footballers also report their requests in the publication, in which they are required to suspend today’s meeting and request the departure of part of the team’s current technical staff.

In this regard, they argued that “the meeting be adjourned before unique sports, because as players, we felt very affected by the facts presented. In addition, the preparation for the party was nil, since four days we formed one”.

In the last point, they demand the dismissal of the technical staff led by coach Wilson Fre, except for help Carlos San Martín and the props man Carlos Calderón, who were the only referents who treated us like professionals and with whom we feel safe”.

Part 1 of the statement.
Part 2 of the statement.

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