'They didn't want to pass': Lewis Hamilton defended himself against accusations after wanting to sanction him

Lewis Hamilton he is far from the level he had last year. His car continues to give him problems and the rebound reaches an unsustainable limit. These situations lead the driver and the team to make decisions to improve their qualifying laps. For his strategy, Hamilton was nearly penalized, but he defended himself against the charges.

During qualifying for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton he was warned by the stewards of the International Automobile Federation for “unnecessarily slow driving”. The British driver assured that he was within the minimum speed limit allowed and that this was part of a strategy to generate draft and thus gain speed on his lap.

We are one of the slowest on the straight. So I needed a wake. The rule is you have to be in your delta time between the two safety car lines. I was inside my delta. I slowed down and disconnected, I was completely off the racing line, to let the other cars pass. But they didn’t want to pass“, ground Lewis Hamilton after finishing seventh in Q3.

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