TV or video projector, which is more suitable for gaming?

TV or video projector, which is more suitable for gaming? TV manufacturers are developing high technology and their screens are getting bigger, in transition with the projector, for better gaming experiences.

TV Projector Games

The advent of projectors has attracted many people, which has led to more people playing games through a projector. Different questions arise: TV or projector, which is more suitable for gaming?

This question must be thought from several angles. Generally speaking, the color quality and resolution of the TV will be higher than that of the projector, but now the technology of the projector is developing rapidly, many new style projectors also have high resolution, and 4k TVs are not comparable.


Of all the existing projectors, a throw ratio of around 1.13:1 is the most common design that has the lens on the front of the projector. These designs can require distances as short as 8.2 feet to project a 100-inch screen, which is the most common projection distance configuration in limited spaces or small apartments.

Sound quality

Cuando se trata de proyectores y pantallas de TV, lo primero que viene a la minte es el tamaño de la pantalla y, al mismo tiempo, el tamaño de la habitación, el espacio de la pared, las connections y otros limiting factors deben tenerse en account. into account. The obvious thing is that a projection screen is bigger than a TV.

Many projectors these days have enough throw ratio to let you get the best image in a suitable space. The Dangbei Mar Pro, for example, is a home projector with a throw ratio of 1.27:1. This means you can place this home projector anywhere you want and you can resize it to 30-300 inches with just the press of a button without constantly moving the projector.

No need to get up, just use the remote to find the right size for your home. The screen size will give you a cinematic feel.


Screen size isn’t the only thing to consider when it comes to enjoying gaming fun. The screen resolution is also worth mentioning. A screen with dull colors, insufficient light and low contrast not only kills the charm of your gaming experience, but also wastes your money. It is therefore very important to have adequate clarity and resolution.

There are many 4k HD TVs in the market today, but finding a 4k HD projector is not an easy task. It’s important to note that a regular 1080p projector costs around $1,400, while a 4k resolution projector will cost at least $2,000.

input lag

Most gamers take input lag very seriously, which affects their gaming experience. During gaming, every millisecond counts instead of a second, so input lag is a big problem for all gamers. . Looking at the values, input lag of less than 40 milliseconds is acceptable and considered worthy of a compromise. In terms of input lag, the TV and the projector are nearly identical.


Buying a gaming projector has its advantages, including better and clearer image quality compared to TVs, the ability to zoom in and out the projector screen according to your needs, an affordable price compared to televisions, and finally, they are specially designed for gaming purposes only.

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