What happened to Ricardo Vergara, the actor who gave life to the famous Franco Soto in Hidden Truths?

After five years on the air and becoming the longest-running series on Chilean television, Hidden Truths will soon come to an end. The story has been full of different characters and time jumps, which is why some have been forgotten.

One of the actors who was part of the original cast of the fiction is Ricardo Vergara, who was in charge of giving life to Franco Soto, love of the youth of the protagonist Rocío Verdugo and with whom he had a relationship until the arrival from Tomás Valencia to the Nueva Esperanza passage.

After that, Franco’s character had several twists with other women in the TV series, including his expolola’s sister, Agustina Mackenna. Some time later, the character played by Vergara suffered a motorcycle accident, dying and being cut from fiction in 2018.

on his participation in Hidden Truths, Vergara commented on page 7, that she has the fondest memories of it. “It was an incredible experience, it was a very good casting. With my companion, who was Marita García (his sister in the fiction), we were able to put on something very nice which came naturally”. He also was able to strike up a friendship with his teammates Emilio Edwards, García herself and Viviana Rodríguez.

Actions in the event of a pandemic

After his participation in Hidden TruthsRicardo Vergara went on to work on other Mega TV series, such as I am Lawrence, where he gave life to Jimmy Canales. However, due to the pandemic, the recordings of the drama were affected and it had to have an impromptu ending.

In full confinement, the actor began to think about moving away from the acting profession and being able to do new things. “During the pandemic, I started doing Animal Flow (bodybuilding) classes, studying, and I started a much more interior path in my life,” he recalled in an interview. with the aforementioned medium.

Despite her wishes, fate drew her back to acting again, participating in online plays, with Ramón Llao and Boris Quercia, “who entertained me for a while, until I took the decision to visit other places and have other experiences. I saw myself at a point where I wanted to experience other things. I needed to take on the challenge of being a foreigner.

New life and career in Mexico

His desire to start a new life led him to settle in Mexico, which started as something improvised but gradually became something more stable, and for more than six months he has been living on the Aztec lands.

This idea of ​​living outside Chile was made possible thanks to the invitation to work under the direction of Boris Quercia in a film recorded in Mexico. “This little gift gave me the strength and the courage to say: ‘With this little letter in hand, I will be able to join this industry which is 100 times bigger than that of Chile’”.

In addition to his acting career, Ricardo decided to try his luck in another industry, modeling, in which he has already been able to do some modeling work, after joining an agency. “It was not in my plans, but I realized that I could explore this facet. I did a few magazines, and I think I challenged myself, because it’s not as easy as you think.

From Mexico, the actor also spoke about the expected end of Hidden TruthsDuring his chat with Page 7, the actor said the result will captivate and impact viewers. “Either because they loved the TV series or because there is curiosity about how many plot twists the plot had and how long it aired,” he pointed out.

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