«Cuando me fotografiaron en topless en mi casa en Miami y me hicieron bolsa… Me ofrecieron ir como bailarina a un programa (en Canal 13). Renuncié. Me quedé cesante», recuerda Cecilia Bolocco

Author: Glamorama Team / June 11, 2022

“I have been unemployed in my life and I even remember a very hard time. When they took these photos of me, they entered my privacy and photographed me topless at my house in Miami, and they made me a bag, a bag, a bag, ”began Cecilia Bolocco, recounting one of the defining moments of her life.

In May 2007, the then-entertainment magazine SQP published photos of the former Miss Universe with Italian entrepreneur Luciano Marocchino – current partner of Marlen Olivari, who has an eleven-year-old son.

Both were on the terrace of the terrace overlooking the sea, in the house of the former Miss Universe in Miami. She was topless and her then-partner in a bathing suit, sharing a romantic moment.

Meanwhile, a few days ago, during one of the shows he did live on Instagram, Bolocco recalled this time:

“I was working on Channel 13, in television, and I had an agreement, an ongoing contract, in which it was budgeted that for the second half of that year I would make a big star, like they were doing at the time.

“And they called me from Channel 13. I already knew before the incident that there was not a lot of budget to do big stars, but the commitment would be maintained. But then they started to think that they wanted to jump on the bandwagon of all these reality shows, they wanted to do a dance reality show and have a lot of dance partners.

“And they, instead of giving me a star, they didn’t even want me to drive it, they offered me to be one of the participants, to go as a dancer in a TV show with, in addition, a very small budget.

“It was the only thing I had and it was on the ground, because they had dumped me, they had me like a punching bag, when they give you all day. And I made a very difficult and complex decision, and maybe many won’t understand me, but it was the best decision of my life.

“I left the chain. And I remained in balls. Unemployed. It was not the first time that I was unemployed. But at that time, confined to the south, because I had left with my grandson, who was four years old and who didn’t understand this madness that he couldn’t go to the garden, because we were with the canals with the satellite dishes outside, so I didn’t know I could go out

“My mother was operated on for cancer, I had to go under blankets, they picked me up in the car as a clandestine way to get me out and be able to go calmly to see my mother in the hospital, recently operated on.

“And I went south, to seek a space of tranquility. A friend lent me a house and we went there with my four year old son. He started going to the lake, catching his first salmon and we started enjoying life.

“And I was confined down there in the south when this thing happened to me that they offered me this show, and I decided to quit Channel 13. I quit and I’m made redundant.

“I was also in a job with Falabella. But I quickly imagined that, as my image was tarnished, these campaigns were no longer going to be done, because who would want to put a really depressed woman, questioned in all orders of things.

“And I didn’t sign the contract, because it had expired. We were negotiating to start making my clothing collections. And notice that without a contract with Falabella and with the only current contract with Channel 13, I decided to leave Channel 13 and this program that they offered me, it was like they gave me crumbs.

“I, who had had a very successful career in television, not only in Chile, but also in the United States, winner of the Emmy Awards, having hosted great shows, and they offered me in Santiago de Chile to do a dance program as a participant…I quit and was fired.

“It was a tough decision, because I looked at my little boy and said, ‘I have to keep paying the bills, I have to generate a salary so I can cover all the expenses.’ But I said ‘it doesn’t matter. I’m not going to do something that doesn’t fill my heart, that’s going to leave me emotionally bad’

“Those were not my principles. But deep down, being a TV host, having a valid contract to host a show, that they invited me as a participant and they could have fired me after the first chapter, what the hell did I know.

“The thing is, I ventured out and quit, and stayed naked. It was literally a leap into the void. And can you believe that four days later, Falabella calls me and says ‘let’s keep working together, we want you to develop your clothing line’? And in less than six months, I was working on my first collection in Paris.”

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