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To celebrate the game’s reveal, Infinity Ward unveiled a Modern Warfare® II campaign level. That’s what it was and what you might have missed.

An oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico carries a cargo that could spark a global conflict: a weapon ready to strike.

Task Force 141 found information showing missiles hidden aboard an offshore platform. Sent to sea, a team of Soap, Ghost, and Mexican Special Forces operator Alejandro, a new ally and seasoned veteran, battle harsh weather conditions long before engaging their enemy.

Introducing Operation Dark Water, a campaign mission in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Developed by Infinity Ward.

This first look is a quick dive into the depths of the sea, which is the single-player experience. It was first revealed at the Summer Games Fest, hosted by Geoff Keighley, where the general manager of Call of Duty®Johanna Faries and Infinity Ward narrative director Jeff Negus set the stage for the mission’s world premiere.

The breakdown

Somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico, three fire crews are aboard speedboats en route to an oil rig.

At the rear of a ship, Commander Graves of the Shadow Company PMC relays information from headquarters to Soap and Alejandro.

The mission? Task Force 141 and Shadow Company are to board the pad, eliminate the hostile forces, and disarm the missile…if their intel is good and the missile exists.

Following orders to “get to work” from a trusted leader at headquarters, the team climbs onto the platform and begins cleaning the lower office and catwalks. Playing as Soap, we start walking behind Graves before entering an office and quickly clearing his security.

As we climb the ladder into a stacked position with Graves, Alejandro, and another Shadow Company operator, Ghost announces over the radio that he’s on the ship with Shadow Company Fireteam 3. Entering the drill cabin, we get confirmation: the missile is on the ship. .

Chaos erupts from here: after breaching the shack, an operator falls and the entire rig is on high alert. A flare flashes in the sky as we gather tactical gear and head to the main deck, where we mount a container on the ship.

Eliminating everyone on board, Soap and Graves found the missile container on a helipad…except its controls are missing.

Graves, radioing another senior HQ officer information that the controls are on a ship leaving the platform, receives a stern response:

“You have your orders, son, stop that pitch.”

Recalling the boat’s driver, we begin the chase, ending in a hard landing on her main deck that leaves the entire team bloodied but able to come to their senses. When we get up, we realize that this ship is sailing in troubled waters; anything not bolted or humane will slide around the ship.

This is just one example of how campaign missions will be more dynamic and realistic, something the Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® original began to innovate compared to previous games. Players will not only have to deal with enemy forces, but they will also have to deal with the elements, such as diving underwater to camouflage themselves in enemy territory.

We stay above sea level for this mission, but barely. Crossing the boat while dodging enemy fire and being crushed by several tons of metal, we reach the flooded cargo bay where a gust of water knocks down a soldier before we fire the last shots.

As we approach the bridge entrance, we prepare to enter the cabin with Graves…

And the rest is what you experience in October.

More info to come: pre-orders available now

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