Eduardo Berizzo refers to FIFA decision in Byron Castillo case: 'Now we have to look to the future'

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Chilean national team coach Eduardo Berizzo has given his opinion on the situation that unfolded on Friday with FIFA’s decision on the Chilean Football Federation’s complaint due to Byron Castillo’s nationality.

La Roja's DT commented on what the decision against Chile was and what's to come
© UN AgencyLa Roja’s DT commented on what the decision against Chile was and what’s to come

The Byron Castillo Affair still something to say because despite the decision in favor of the Ecuadorian national teamfrom The ANFP has already announced that an appeal will be lodged in accordance with the decision taken by FIFA.

paul miladpresident of the governing body of Chilean football, held a press conference with the lawyer Eduardo Carlezzo and confirmed that they will proceed with a new proceeding on the advice of FIFA.

On this subject, during a press conference this Sunday, Eduardo Berizzo also gave his opinion on this decision taken by the entity that governs world football and recognized that he must continue to work on what is to come and that the resolution of this call does not depend on them.

“FIFA will have understood that the arguments were in favor of Ecuador, that there was no room for the claim and we accepted it, so let’s think about the future and leave this question aside. In in case any claim is successful the legal department will deal with it but we live day to day thinking about working in the future and setting our expectations beyond the decision that if appealed it is called, but that does not happen for us and we have to wait impatiently“, said the DT

The coach of the Chilean national team spoke about this situation | Photo: UN Agency

Add what. “My most concrete opinion would be to imagine the future thinking and leaving this question behind, there are people who can answer this subject better at an institutional or legal level. I would focus on sport, of course that meant or meant a claim and others the illusion of going to the World Cup in Qatar, but my focus is training, matches, discovering footballers, developing our plan“.

Finally, the Argentine strategist said that if the situation turns around and La Roja go to Qatar, they will work there. “Maybe the best thing I can do is not answer this topic or get the question to focus on what I should be doing. And if we can go to the World Cup in Qatar, of course we will react to this immediacybut we are aiming for a longer process”.

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