'Get off the plane': Pamela Lagos opened up about her husband's difficult illness and revealed the tense situation they went through when they found out

Psychologist Pamela Lagos participated in the last chapter of divine foodclose to Evelyn Matthei, Jordi Castell and José Andrés Murillo.

In space, the specialist revealed difficult times she experienced with her husband, Felipe Vásquez, who suffers from cancer.

“I was 7 months pregnant and Pipe suffered from acute lymphoblastic leukemiabut the problem is that when they found out he was already very serious, 89% of his blood was cancerous,” he explained.

On how Vásquez was diagnosed with the disease, Lagos says it was ‘random’ since at first, she asked her husband to do some testsbecause I was losing weight for no reason.

How the couple discovered Vasquez’s disease

They give me the exams, that day we went to Conce because it was the last time I was going to be able to travel because I was very pregnant. We were at the airport and Pipe was called from the lab that something had gone very wrong and that he had to leave now to repeat this test,” said Pamela, pointing out that Felipe was not gaining much weight in the situation.