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“It cost me therapies, tattoos, a lot of things that made me stronger to say ‘it’s time, it’s now,'” Sabrina Sosas says of her separation process.

The Chile-based Argentinian dancer and model, who rose to prominence at Yingo, has ended an eight-year relationship with former footballer, former reality boy and current sports game entrepreneur Claudio Valdivia, with whom she has a five year old son.

These are the words of Sosa on the late Follow Me Los Buenos, on the VIVE channel:

“At the beginning, it was difficult for me to make the decision and to have the strength to make the change. Because you can say “yes, I want to go on a trip”, but to go on a trip, you have to buy a ticket, I don’t know what.

“I knew what I wanted, but making the change, making it happen, is also a two-person thing, so that part was pretty tough. Morale must be lifted. It cost me therapies, tattoos, a lot of things that reinforced me to say “this is the time, this is now”.

“I was afraid, first, my limiting beliefs that I had, that I was going to fail in the family that I had raised. Then I felt that I was failing in something that I loved very much and that I was about to break it. A family project.

“On the other hand, I used to say ‘what if there’s nothing better and I regret it?’ If I don’t meet another person who really fulfills me, makes me happy. What if I wanted to leave and it was too late? And he passed me a thousand films.

“At one point I said ‘I would like to have another child’, all of this always wanted to separate, to live together, and I couldn’t imagine myself entering a delivery room with another man than my own. Gaspi’s father.

“These are all limitations that each of us has and we have to learn that family is not just about living with the father of your child and that you can have many types of family. Even being a mother with a child and not having a partner is also being a family.

“I had to start expanding my beliefs and therefore believe that if you’re not in a place where you feel happy, you have to get out of there, because of course there will be something better from the other side. But not seeing it makes it difficult to make a decision.

“(There is) Honey, not knowing what to do, how you should reorganize or rearrange your life. It also happened to me that he didn’t agree for us to separate, so it was also to be able to make him understand that we weren’t doing well and that we were seeing the same thing. Because if we’re wrong, and if I see it, it doesn’t matter that you don’t see it, it doesn’t matter that I feel something and that matters too”

“All of this took a long time. It’s not that we meet one day or sit down to talk. I had a lot of interviews, a lot of time, because time passes from one interview to another, it’s not that we sit down every day to talk about complex subjects.

“It was by following my instinct and my intuition that I was going to see something better. For all that, I still went to see a coach, I took therapy, because I had enough self-esteem issues. That’s why I believed that there would be no other person, or things could go wrong for me, or I could repent, or everything outside my house was ugly.

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