'I would choose Wanderers': Argentine ruled out possibility of signing for Colo Colo

After a somewhat irregular semester, where he achieved good results in the Chilean championship and currently leads the standings, while being eliminated in the Copa Libertadores, summer camp indicates the second part of the year. Gustavo Quinteros’ side started the international competition very well, although they fell towards the end and will now have to settle for the Copa Sudamericana.

The Cacique is looking for reinforcements and trying to keep his important players in the squad. In this sense, lately a former Chilean footballer gave an interview and excluded summer camp as a possible destination to pursue your professional career. Besides, he also said that he would choose another club before Universidad Católica and Universidad de Chile. The words of Carlos Rotondi surprised on the other side of the Cordillera.

Rotondi has been able to stand out in Chilean football for two years

The former Santiago Wanderers midfielder and current Defense and Justice player, with a nice gift, explained that he felt great affection for the Dean: “I am not closing the doors in Chile. It is the country that allowed me to show my weapons, both in San Luis and Santiago Wanderers. I have the best impressions of Chile, I’m in a relationship with a Chilean, so I have a relationship with the country. Whenever you can come back, the first alternative is Wanderers,” he explained.

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