Karol G fulfills a teenage dream and brings former RBD back to the stage after 11 years

The Colombian took advantage of her visit to Mexico to find one of her idols: Anahí, the singer who played Mía Colucci in the famous Aztec television series.

On the way to Mexico, the Colombian singer Carol G. He realized a long-awaited dream by receiving on stage one of his teenage idols: the former RBD Anahí.

The milestone happened on the first night of the “Bichota Tour Reloaded” in the Aztec capital. “It’s a very emotional moment because I’m a super fan and she (Anahí) was very nervous to come because she said she didn’t know if people were going to react,” she commented. .

“I told him that this moment was going to be so epic that I was never going to repeat it,” added Karol G last night after performing “Sálvame” with the Mexican.

“11 years ago I was off stage and nerves are strong, but I want to tell you that you are always in my heart and what we live and build together will never be forgotten. It’s an incredible generation!said Anahí through tears, who wore the characteristic star on the character’s forehead that made her famous all over the world, Mia Colucci.

At the start of the evening, among a sea of ​​turquoise blue hair, Karol G’s rose from the stage of the Mexico City Arena to sing the greatest hits of his career for more than an hour and a half.

Dressed in white and accompanied by an army of female musicians and dancers, Caroline Giraldo (Medellin, 1991) He started his concert an hour later than scheduled with the theme “Sejodioto” in front of 19,200 people who shook the hall and with deafening cries that “the girl from Medellín” provoked.

“The last time I came to sing in Mexico was in 2019, three years have passed and there are a lot of hits that I haven’t sung, so tonight we’re going to take revenge”Karol mentioned and promised what has been achieved because in his “setlist” (list of songs) he performed songs he released during the pandemic such as “Oh, my god!”, “Rental” or ” El makinon”.

However, one of the most emotional moments for the singer was when she performed her most recent song. “Provence”.

“I just did a lot of hits like ‘Tusa’, ‘Bichota’, ‘El barco’, ‘200 copas’ and I wanted to surpass myself, and I thought: How am I going to find a song that tops what I’ve done?”Karol said after leaving the main stage and singing closer to her fans in the middle of the room.

Without ceasing to give advice on the self-love and the meanness that accompanied the aforementioned songs, Karol remained very close to her followers and underlined how happy she felt to see more people with the tone of her hair. , as well as the outfits of the “super”. mamacitas” and the “super papacitos” who accompanied him at night.

Moreover, he surprised his followers by singing “Bad Cat”, “Pineapple”, “Secret” (collaboration with his ex, Annual), “China”as good as “Mom”among others and finally closed his concert after drinking and singing “200 glasses”, “Bichota” and “Tusa”.

Since winning the Latin Grammy for best new artist in 2018, success has accompanied Karol G, who has become a benchmark for Latin music in the world thanks, among other things, to her collaborations with Daddy Yankee, Ozuna, J Balvin, Nicki Minaj and Becky G.

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