"Leona" Asenjo, world boxing champion, wonders about the lack of support from the authorities: I have not received any calls

World boxing champion Daniela ‘Leona’ Asenjo has admitted that she did not receive any calls from authorities before winning the title last Wednesday. He also called on the authorities to monitor the performance of athletes from different disciplines.

After winning the world boxing title in the super flyweight category, Valdivian athlete, Daniela “Leona” Asenjo, criticized the authorities accusing not enough supportbefore your competition.

Upon her arrival in the national territory and in a conversation with Radio Bío Bío, the 31-year-old boxer mentioned that hope you rest and share with your friends and family.

This after obtaining the world title in her discipline, awarded by the International Boxing Organization, in the super flyweight category, during a confrontation held in Paris, France, where she dethroned the American Casey Morton.

“I am happy to be able to share with friends, family, in fact with all the people who have given me their support from a distance”, underlined the Chilean athlete.

Although she declared herself satisfied with the achievement, Asenjo criticized the authorities’ lack of support for the sport, stating that she received congratulations from the Minister of Sports, Alexandra Benado; the mayor of Valdivia, Carla Amtmann, and the minister of sports, René Antiao, all via WhatsApp, and who only received phone calls after his victory, and not before.

Also, he called integrate more public policies for sport at the national level.

“I especially didn’t have any authority calls before the fight (…) I hope it also serves to realize that you have to monitor how the different athletes work,” said the boxer.

The boxer was expected to arrive in the Los Ríos area on Friday afternoon. Among the activities on his agenda this week are a press briefing organized by his sponsor, the Puritan supermarket, and a meeting with the Seremi des Sports.

However, at regional and community level, There are no activities planned in the institutions to receive the athleteas if it had happened on previous occasions with other world champions.

Para este sábado se contraba agendado un recibimiento de Asenjo, programmeado por la Municipalidad de Valdivia, el qu’iba a relazar en la Plaza de la República, sin embargo, fue suspended por la casa edilicia, señalando desde cuentas oficiales que sería por motivos de force majeure.

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