'My refuge': #PobreNovio's Nathalie Vera shows off her new apartment after ending a long relationship

12 June 2022 – 14:00

The last days of the actress #PobreNovio, Nathalie Verawere surrounded by strong emotions, after ending their six-year relationship with their now ex-partner, Abraham Linares, their birthday, the end of the television series in which they participated and the move to their new department.

He discussed all these changes with his more than 150,000 Instagram followers, where he recently took the opportunity to thank them for the support they gave him on a daily basis.

Much the same, one follower wrote: “show us your refuge, my beautiful. Good luck, starting from 0 is not bad, if I can help you with something, happy,” he said.

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“My Shelter”

Given this, the actress decided to show, through her stories on the social network, how she built her girl at homecommenting the good things and those that are still missing to settle in his “refuge”.

Remember that the Venezuelan interpreter only arrived in her new home on Tuesday, June 7, a day before her 27th birthday.

“We started the transport tour with prettier than she is in this house“, began by saying Nathalie, in reference to her 3-year-old dog, “Akira”.

After that, he showed what the bathroom looks like, with the advantages and disadvantages of its location. “What I like the most is that he is outside (from his room), the problem is that I have to leave the room and the floor is cold”.

Continuing with the videos, Vera shown the kitchenwhere he stopped to discuss some things he needed, like “high chairs” and a dishwasher, going from there to his living roomthe closet, “one of the most beautiful things I have because my dear Victoria organized it for me”, we hear, and finally his bedroom.

In two weeks the bed will arrive, It’s a mattress they lent me to sleep on, I already have my blackout curtains and my dressing table. That was it for the transport tour, there is no more”, concluded the energetic Nathalie.

“I’m too full of energy”

After her birthday, Nathalie took advantage of her networks to inform her fans about her first day in the new apartmentrevealing that she received help from a few friends -the same ones who celebrated her birthday-, who left her completely settled in her new home.

“Everything is already in its place. Before 12 o’clock in the evening everything was already clean, organized, the apartment is ready for use, more boxes to open“, he celebrated.

Additionally, he mentioned that due to his busy move, he couldn’t make time to upload a post about the end of “#poorboyfriend“, her first TV series in Chile as an actress.

I’m too full of energy and things. The cycle of TV series is over, I start moving on my own and I celebrate my birthday. It’s like ‘wow,'” he said.

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