Pamela Lagos showed her house in 'La Divina Comida': she surprised with details in the decoration

This Saturday, Chilevision aired a new chapter of divine foodwhich had as guests the photographer Jordi Castell, the psychologist Pamela Lagos, the mayor Evelyn Matthei and the executive director of Fundación para la Confianza, José Andrés Murillo.

The psychologist of Carmen Gloria at your service She was in charge of hosting the second night, an instance where she took the opportunity to show off her house.

Right from the start, the decoration caught our attention. “You will find lots of butterflies, I have had a theme with them since I was very young”he acknowledged.

Then he introduced the dining room. “My paternal grandmother had it in her house all her life. I brought it from Puerto Montt, inherited. I have my Rosa always present, “he said.

On one side was a turntable. “I have a little fidelity fanatic, who is Pipe (Felipe Vásquez, her husband)”, he explained.

“He’s a musicologist, just like me, but unlike me, he has an ear. I like music, but I can listen to anything,” he said with a laugh.

After that, he showed several paintings, but there is one in particular in which he stopped. “It’s one of my favorites, it’s a short film story of a bear who won the Oscar. A friend of mine won it,” she said.

Another detail that caught our attention was a small bar, which is decorated by its wedding parties.

“It’s an important place for us, it’s a small bar. Of course there’s a hub…here are the records and this is our wedding party. The vinyl was the invitation and the songs the story of our life…” he said.