Shakira and Gerard Pique: the statements of the young woman with whom they tell the footballer

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The separation of Shakira and Pique It’s the topic of the moment and over the days they make themselves known more details on the alleged reasons why the couple broke up their 11-year relationship. Footballer was found guilty, initiate a romance with a 22-year-old flight attendant and waitress who works in one of the Barcelona star’s companies.

not so faror there are official photos in which Gerard Pique is seen with his alleged lover. However, according to the description of the journalist Laura Fa, who is the one who discovered the infidelity of the player, the third in discord: “She is like a very young girl, but when she corrects herself, she is very exuberant”, has she told the program “Sálvame”. .

But the “Socialité” program of the Spanish network Telecinco went further in its investigations and thanks to its reporter, Laura Roigé, they managed to make a 15-minute phone call with the third disagrees inside Shakira and Gerard Pique’s relationship.

The young woman wanted to remain anonymous, so the media transcribed the conversation and used her initials: CM to designate her.

“I would like to clarify that I do not know Gerard Pique at all, they linked me to him meaninglessly because of the description of the supposed girl and they assigned me the role taking advantage of the fact that I did not of social networks because I am in terminal”commented

“People are shooting at me for some things i didn’t do, anything that comes out with my name will be answered with a lawsuit… i don’t understand why they put me in the middle, i guess because they need someone one to evade the subject and mislead, although I was told that the real girl will be out soon, I hope that way she will leave me in peace and that I can resume my studies quietly, which makes me happy imported”.

In the spoken portrait of the young woman she looks like Shakira
Photo: Telecinco

CM’s interview was media bait

But the journalist who conducted the interview, Laura Roigé, called CM’s statement “bait for journalists” since, according to her, the lover’s initials would be CC and that she would not be a waitress but a socialite.

“This girl, the real one, is a young woman from Barcelona, ​​very fine and who actually met Pique at the place we talked about, and from what they tell me, this girl would have gone to see him at a later date. of a football game”concluded the journalist from ‘Socialité’.

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