Synchronicity: how to identify the signs indicating that we are heading towards

Has it ever happened to you that all of a sudden you thought of a person and just then… He is calling you! Or do you dream of someone and after a few days you meet them? Well, that’s what the world of psychology has called synchronicity.

This concept, as old as it is complex, has been the subject of study and intrigue for many, because its application can tell us a lot about the inner realm of people and how they interpret external events at key times in their lives.

In short, there are those who see in this concept of synchronicity a series of signs that tell them whether or not they are “on the right track” when making decisions.

Do you want to know more about synchronicity and its scope? We will explain them to you below.

what is synchronicity
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What is synchronicity?

Synchronicity is, in its most technical definition, “a temporal coincidence of two or more events related to each other in a non-causal waywhose significant content is identical or similar”.

I would therefore include it in 1952 famous psychologist Carl Jungwho introduced this term and gave it a theoretical basis in his work “Synchronicity as a principle of acausal connections”which to this day is studied and interpreted.

In other words, in synchronicity “there is a coincidence between an internal (subjective) reality and an external (objective) reality, in which events are linked by meaning that we give them,” said Rocío Carmona, writer and contributor to La Vanguardia.

“There is a connection between the individual and his environment which exerts some sort of influence or power over events, in such a way that it ends up causing connections (what we call chance) which have a symbolic value for the person who lives them”, explained in an article the medium La Razón.

Carl Jung is the father of synchronicity |  Wikimedia Commons
Carl Jung is the father of synchronicity | Wikimedia Commons

examples of synchronicity

There are many instances of synchronicity, but as everyday examples, it occurs when we think of a song and in a few minutes we hear it on the radio; when you look at the time and it is always the same -or at least some numbers are repeated-; when you wake up a few seconds before the alarm goes off; when you avoid taking a street and you learn that an accident has occurred shortly afterwards; among many others.

However, one of the most famous synchronicities is that reported by Carl Jung himselfprecisely while he was searching for this world of connecting causal events.

The story goes that during one of his sessions as a psychologist, one of his patients told him a dream in which a golden beetle stood out.

In the middle of the session, Jung heard something hitting the glass, which caught his attention. To his surprise, when he realized what was making so much noise, he saw that it was a ketonean insect very similar to the beetle and green-gold colors.

This fact came to reaffirm what the psychologist affirmed: that life is full of events that maintain a deep connection with our unconsciousas the psychologist explains Francespecialist of the Online Psychology site.

A ketone like the one Carl Jung saw |  Wikimedia Commons
A ketone like the one Carl Jung saw | Wikimedia Commons

Synchronicities as “life guides”

As with dreams, Jung believed that synchronicities are a reflection of powerful psychological processesand that they give us some posts to follow.

It is not for nothing that researchers dedicated to this theory have discovered that synchronies occur more frequently during periods of life crisis, personal or transition issues.

“They are very common when a death or near birth has just occurred, events that usually turn life upside downCarmona said.

According to the author Gregg Levoya Psychology Today contributor, a synchronicity “is a coincidence that has an analogue in the psyche, and depending on how you understand it, it can inform you, mostly through the intuition and emotion, how close or far you are” to achieve what you want.

“For example, you’re trying to decide whether to say yes or no to a particular opportunity, and as you’re driving down the freeway, someone suddenly brakes in front of you and you notice the sticker on your windshield: Just do it!Levoy explained.

what is synchronicity
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Anthony Hopkins and his “perfect synchronicity”

Undoubtedly, a great example of synchronicity is this series of events that marked the life of the actor Anthony Hopkins in 1973.

That year, the movie star was preparing for her next film role “Petrovka’s Daughter”film adaptation of the novel by George Feifer.

To find out in detail what it was, Hopkins spent a whole day looking for a copy in various London bookstores. However, his search was fruitless because everyone told him writing was interrupted.

Saddened, the actor took the metro to return home. Suddenly he noticed a man getting up quickly and getting off at a station. Glancing in his seat, he realized that I forgot something: with astonishment, he noticed that it was a copy of “Petrovca’s Daughter”with several comments written inside.

Months after the film’s release, Hopkins had the opportunity to meet George Feifer himself and He told her of the incredible way in which he had procured one of the copies of his book, according to La Razón.

But the greater was his surprise when the author told him that, almost with absolute certainty, it was his own copy of the bookwhich he had given to a friend. He had left her in the subway, as he had told her shortly after losing her.

Anthony Hopkins on tape
Anthony Hopkins in the band “The Father” | Lions Gate

Thoughts on Synchronicity

For Carmona, synchronicities must not go unnoticed In our lifes.

“Mysterious events should serve to connect us with ourselves and pay attention to neglected personal aspects. Also opening up to life with gratitude and accepting it as it is, abandoning ourselves from time to time to the magic of the moment and the encounters that are offered to us, ”said the writer.

For his part, Levoy pointed out that “perhaps the most important thing that synchronicities offer is the astonishment. After all, how many times in a day or a week or a month do you find yourself dizzy, amazed by life, amazed by its delicacy?

He also mentions Marc Hollandco-author of the book “synchronicity” (1995), stating that “The main reality of synchronicities it’s emotional, not intellectual“.

“The reason they are here is to make us feel somethingand the feeling that our lives are rich and worthy of our reflection comes in part from our sense of depth and the mystery of life,” Holland said, as reported by Psychology Today.

Although so far no author has been able to fully explain what synchronicity is, “perhaps you should just accept it as a wildcard and a principle of orderthe height of absurdity and the entrails of depth, and a crack in the door through which one can see the universe and its mysterious waysLevoy concluded.

what is synchronicity

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