These are the 5 best Super Nintendo (SNES) games you can finish in a weekend

Lately, FayerWayer’s editorial team has been getting a little nostalgic while talking about video games. And it is that the vast majority misses the glory days of past generations of consoles. This splendid period when the Super Nintendo, or Super NES, was the undisputed owner of the planet.

The 16-bit era marked a before and after in the video game industry due to curious merits. Given that technically and visually, everything might not have been as impressive as when the leap to 3D graphics was finally made.

But the creativity, technical innovation and refinement of certain basic factors to make any game unforgettable reached an important moment of evolution in this period.

This is how retro gaming has become an increasingly popular activity among gamers. And titles from this period, with 16-bit graphics, have become some of the most beloved.

Top 5 SNES Games You Can Complete In A Weekend

However, the reality is that the number of games in the Super NES catalog is overwhelming and it’s easy to get lost among so many options. So here we have put together a short list of top 5 Super Nintendo (Super NES) games that you can finish in a weekend.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time

It’s probably the best game of its kind to date. At its launch it was inconceivable that its graphics would be identical to those of the arcade.

But one of the factors that stands out the most today is the creativity of its control system, with an impressive number of combat moves that make the adventure more fun.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

A must-have classic that to this day is a must for any fan of this franchise.

The cartoonish graphics and camera view shouldn’t fool you. This title is the cornerstone of all modern Zelda games.

street fighter 2

The game most desired by mankind at the time of its release. The port is an impressive technical achievement that’s almost on par with the arcade game.

At the time there was a special charm to finish the game with all the characters to intertwine their stories.

Mega Man X

The Mega Man series was starting to feel exhausted on the NES when this game was released for the 16-bit console.

The startup mission was responsible for blowing our heads off from the first minute and marked entire generations of gamers.

The Adventures of Batman & Robin

The current Arkham series is very popular among fans of this DC Comics character. But some purists consider it to be, in fact, the best game ever built around the Dark Knight.

The arguments abound. As an anime series adaptation, it’s impressive in every way. As a platforming adventure, it’s one of the most exciting both visually and technically.

If you’re only going to try one game from this list, maybe it should be this one.

BONUS: Earthbound

There’s an absolutely justified cult following for this RPG title, and its complexity is so massive and twisted that it might as well take an entire weekend to complete.

If you have no idea what it is, perhaps the best place to start is the review/tribute dedicated to it by Angry Video Game Nerd (with Spanish subtitles):

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