Social networks they turned back on, now it was because of the reviews raining down on the influencer Carlos Feria, for assaulting his wife, Adriana Valcárcel, and justifying her questionable behavior by saying, “It happens every day with other couples and relationships,” but it’s only because she’s a public person that the comments are harsher.

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On the images that have surfed the net, we see Carlos pushing his companion, in the dining room of his house; we can also realize that they are arguing, when the youtuber he gets up from his chair and pushes his wife, who falls to the ground.

Then she stands up, while Carlos seems to follow her verbally abusing her, but it is striking that he approaches her in a threatening manner, as if he wanted to inflict more physical violence on her.

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In turn, Adriana remains submissive and downcast. Then she gets up and walks like a “caged lioness”, disoriented, not knowing exactly what happened.

It was learned that it was Adriana herself who shared the video through her TikTok account, although she deleted it in a short time, but several users were able to save and share it.

The controversy already ignited by hundreds of Internet users, the couple posted a video in which both justify the violent acts of Carlos.

Contrary to what was expected, it was Adriana Valcárcel herself who explained that everything came from a “problem” with her emotions, for which she was already taking the relevant measures to remedy it; However, users did not believe what she said and instead, the majority agreed that she was suffering from domestic and emotional abuse from Carlos Feria.

For his part, Carlos said he did not victimize himself and accepted “no matter what”, and, he added, he never thought the fact would be made public. and apologized for the assault on his wife.

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However, he ended up justifying himself by saying: “it’s something normal…it happens in all relationships…and there’s abuse every day…we’re not the only one couple going through this…”.

Despite this, netizens did not chew his arguments and excuses easily, what rather, they sounded like an apology and harshly blamed him for abusing his beautiful wife.

Also, Internet users have asked the authorities to intervene in such deplorable events, so that Carlos Feria receives an exemplary sanction.

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