Who are the candidates and the real favorites to win the Qatar 2022 World Cup?

Qatar 2022 World Cup

The Qatar 2022 World Cup will exceptionally be held between November 21 and December 18. A few months before the planetary event, the eternal debate begins on who is the big favorite and the candidates to lift the planetary trophy. Brazil are in the lead ahead of two European teams.

Brazil and England last met in a friendly in 2017, today with France they are the top three favorites to win the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.
© Getty ImagesBrazil and England last met in a friendly in 2017, today with France they are the top three favorites to win the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

In recent days, the classic debate has started to grow stronger as each World Cup approaches: who is the favorite to win Qatar 2022. Brazil still a candidate, defending champion France, Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal or Argentinian Lionel Messi? England, Germany or Spain?

The answer is provided by the bookmakers, but let’s go by part: a few weeks ago the Frenchman Kylian Mbappé wondered about the level of the South American teams, assuring that “when (the Europeans) will arrive at the World Cup we will be ready. Brazil and Argentina don’t have that level, in South America football is not as advanced as in Europe, that’s why in the last world cups, if you look, it’s always the Europeans who win”.

For his part, Spain coach Luis Enrique played down Argentina’s victory in the Finalissima against Italy, arguing with Azzurra’s dejected present. Today the same DT said with some irony that the Albiceleste is the team that is above the rest with Brazil. Let’s get to the numbers!

The OddSchecker site, which aggregates the variables of several bookmakers, places Brazil as the big favorites to win the World Cup trophy in Qatar with odds of 5/1.

The second place among the candidates for the victory of the World Cup is shared by France and England with an average dividend of 13/2. Outside the podium, in fourth place is Spain with an 8/1 ratio.

Argentina recently emerged as the fifth favorite to win the World Cup with odds of 9/1. Further behind are Germany (11/1) and Portugal with the Netherlands (both with 14/1).

Most betting selections

Of course, it should be clarified that among OddSchecker’s tasty data, the favorite is not the most bet. In fact, the most popular bet among candidates to win Qatar 2022 is England, not Brazil.

Behind the British, the number of bets places Argentina second, Brazil third, France fourth and the Netherlands fifth. What does it mean?

That beyond the fact that Brazil are the big favorites to win the World Cup, the quota and the dividend that England and Argentina deliver appeal to those who consider themselves lucky when it comes to weighing the real possibilities and an amount greater than the gain.

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