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As rare as it is to find Apple products with double-digit discounts, it turns out that the sales are on the iPad, an item whose prices hardly drop over time. But this Air model, which has 64 GB of RAM and the M1 chip inside, offers a nice offer of 12%. To take advantage of it, because it is one of the best tablets of the last year. Regular price: $649,990.

And one of the best smartwatches of 2021 is also on sale. It was Samsung’s Galaxy Watch4 that our expert Alejandro Alaluf said was the most prominent smart watch Android from last year. “It’s probably the most complete and attractive in terms of functionality and design.” These days, Falabella has it at a quarter of its value. Previous price: $189,990.

Another interesting novelty of the last season has been provided by LG with this wireless monitor to touch, which can be used as a TV or work display, and we were very impressed when we tested it. It has a battery, a wheeled base and an internet connection, so it can accompany you wherever you go. It can be tilted and rotated, its image quality is Full HD, and although it’s still expensive for its size—only 27″—it’s an interesting and innovative toy. Previous price: $779,990.

Among the top 5 robot vacuum cleaners on the market is this Xiaomi model, at least according to customers and their scores on the detail. Its price – today at its lowest – but also its good performance and its battery explain this success. In Paris, where it has this big discount, it also has an almost perfect 4.8 star rating. Previous price: $269,990.

Nespresso coffee machines remain an object of desire, as much for their sleek design and ease of use as for the idea of ​​feeling a little closer to George Clooney. His coffee also helps, always creamy and fast, and now this dream is no longer possible thanks to this discount offered by Jumbo, which reaches 37%. Previous price: $79,990.

Although they are intended for professional use, i.e. in recording or audio post-production studios, no music fan will mind listening to their favorite records with such a precise instrument. . It is not wireless — it lacks Bluetooth — but its 5 meter cable allows a long range, ideal for connecting to the turntable and enjoying recordings with great comfort and fidelity. Regular price: $97,990.

And to improve the sound of the TV, which is generally not very defined or deep, it is necessary to invest in a soundbar. Are they worth it? According to our research, yes: they take up little space, are less expensive and give another weight to the sound, especially in movies and video games. This Sony model includes a subwoofer, which offers plenty of power, an HDMI and Bluetooth connection. Previous price: $149,990.

The Chinese brand Caixun has come to Chile to offer high resolution screens at affordable prices. You don’t have to expect a great design or a wonderful interface, or too many apps – they only have YouTube, Netflix and Prime Video, for the rest you would need a stick for streaming-, but you have great picture quality. You won’t find less than 65 inches of 4K and ultra HD for less than this value. Previous price: $409,990.

If there’s one title that no one can miss today, it’s underworld. It is currently one of the best rated on Playstation and Xbox and it is not for nothing that it was in our ranking of the best video games to arrive in Chile in 2021. Artistically impeccable, with an award-winning soundtrack and gameplay captivating, this adaptation of Greek Mythology was a milestone for the industry and today it’s available from Sony at a great price. Previous price: $25,990.

The line of portable Samsung’s Galaxy Book is slowly giving people something to talk about. Not just because of its internal specs – 12th Gen Intel Core I5 ​​processor, solid-state drive, and 8GB of RAM – but also because of its sleek, lightweight design, as well as how easily it connects with other devices. other Samsung devices. To all these attributes is now added its price, which for the first time drops below the $500,000 mark. Previous price: $699,990.

Although hearing aid technology in the ear —those who fit and stand in the same ear—have come a long way in a few years, it still doesn’t fully satisfy those who like to exercise while listening to music. That’s why models like this from Soundcore are always useful, which in addition to entering the ear are also affirmed in the upper part of the ear, preventing any sudden movement from moving them. They are resistant to humidity —therefore perspiration—, shocks and dust, and their battery lasts up to 36 hours continuously. Regular price: $89,990.

It’s not Huawei’s latest smartwatch —we tested the GT 3 some time ago and it was a pleasant experience—but in any case the GT 2 works rather well: its own Kirin A1 chip gives it great fluidity of operation, which is enriched by a battery that can last up to 30 days depending on its use. Elegant and functional, it remains an interesting alternative on the market for smart watches. Regular price: $139,990.

*Prices for products in this item are updated as of June 13, 2022. Values ​​and availability may change.

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