"Because black and ugly...": Jordi Castell's comment that brought out the hives in La Divina Comida

The controversy generated this weekend on social networks a particular comment that Jordi Castell launched during his participation in La Divina Comida.

It all happened when the photographer told his guests the story of his dog, whom he called Nina Simone, and how he came to his home.

“She was arrested in appalling situations. There were five puppies that were born locked in a cardboard box, because the stupid owner had the brilliant idea of ​​locking the female dog -mother- in a box all the time she was pregnant,” he said. he told to the culinary space of Chilevisión. .

And in the same vein, he added: “the mother of the puppies died and the intellectual author of all this never realized it, and the 26-day-old puppies ran out of milk, only ate cardboard or their own needs.

Of course, he revealed that at least one foundation had succeeded in rescuing the little dogs: one female and four males. “The males were all gorgeous, blond, and this black female -Nina- arrived malnourished.”

Nothing abnormal so far. Revealing why he named his pet, however, set Troy on fire. “The poor thing was ugly as the dark night. In fact, that’s why…with all due respect, I called her Nina Simone because she’s black and ugly.”

Immediately, viewers reacted and called his remarks “racist”. For the same reason, many sack Jordi for his comment.

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