Cruzados achieves its goal and raises $11 million for the renovation of the San Carlos de Apoquindo stadium - La Tercera

The remodeling of the San Carlos de Apoquindo stadium adds another positive step. This Monday Crusaders informed the Financial Markets Commission through a key event of the results of the share auction of its capital increase process which ended on Friday from the collection of 277,845 UF which will be available for the modernization project of the sports complex.

Según da cuenta la concesionaria, el monto represents “Más de un 86% del total de las nuevas actions emitted por la Sociedad”, situation que fue celebrada por los directivos, pues superó el umbral de UF 200 mil para seguir avanzando en las obras del project.

Juan Tagle, president of Cruzados, said that “I am very happy because we have managed to reach very important figures, which allow us to continue moving forward with our dream.. For me, this closes a very special week, because feeling firsthand the interest of fans and shareholders in our project, as well as the very important figure that we managed to raise, seemed very significant to me, especially more than that the financial situation of the country is not ideal, which shows that the people support and believe in the management of the Cruzados”.

In view of the results, nearly 3,800 people have become new shareholders of Cruzados, the vast majority of them being fans who have decided to support us in this process. This way supporters will be able to say that they have been an important part of the financing of the stadiumadded the director.

They also reported that more than 27 million shares were auctioned, equivalent to 32.4% of new shares issued. In this regard, the managing director of Cruzados, Pablo Pareja, underlined that “we are also happy, first of all, because a large part of the current shareholders have responded to the call to subscribe their share to the increase in capital and also because we have seen new investors interested in entering with significant stakes, which shows how attractive Cruzados is becoming with this project”.

And as for the remaining shares that remain to be subscribed, 13.8%, he said that “we have a three-year mandate, starting from April last year, to put the remaining shares on the market, it i.e. until April 2024. We will continue to work to achieve this, as these resources are needed to finance the last part that remains to be built, so I have no doubt that we will be able to successfully close this process.”.

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