Cry of a legend: Marcelo can't stand the emotion and says goodbye to Real Madrid in tears

After 16 years of winning everything he could, Marcelo bid farewell to Real Madrid on Monday. The historic Brazilian side He will not continue in the Meringues and this morning he gave a press conference in which he said goodbye to the club.

But as expected, it was not easy at all. The achievements of his career have been linked to the Whites, to the point of being the most successful in the history of Spanish distribution. That’s why he barely spoke, he couldn’t hold back his tears.

“Thank you to my teammates, the coaches. But especially the equipment men, the physios, the security, the people who work behind the scenes and do the dirty work. I want to highlight their work, because I only dedicate myself ‘to play and I always do. I had everything prepared,’ he said amid tears and applause.

“When I left Brazil, I had in mind to play the Champions League. And today I leave here being the player with the most titles in the history of the biggest club in the world “, underlined the Brazilian.

The moment he heard the news was not easy and Marcelo himself detailed it. “Well, at first you stay a little… We had a meeting and decided it was better not to continue. It moves you, that’s for sure, it’s not easy to leave the club of your vineyarda. But then you see it as a reality and better.”

His time at Real Madrid will be marked by fire, as he leaves as the most successful of them all. Of course, let’s hope this mark doesn’t last long. “Fighting is a source of pride… Benzema, Luka, Casemiro, Toni… Whoever it is, I’m going to be very happy.”

Although despite everything, Marcelo doesn’t believe the story. “I don’t feel like a legend. There is no problem leaving Madrid. Life does not stop here. I don’t go away saying, “Fuck, I wanted another year.” I will always be cheering on Real Madrid and between all of us, we decided to get out and walk through the front door, looking everyone in the face. I didn’t want to continue another year or two out of pity.”

The side also made it clear that they were giving their all. “What I leave here is humility, knowing where you are. I have now spoken with my family and said that I have won five Champions Leagues. I did not play the last final and it is the one in which I felt the most important. I spoke with Rodrygo before the game and also had a great conversation with Fede Valverde. It made me feel very important. This is the legacy I want to leave. those inner things. Let young people understand that all of this is possible. And that they realize that Madrid are much better than we think.”

Marcelo also had an exciting message for the club. “Madrid… There are no words to describe what I feel for Madrid. Everyone working behind the scenes is amazing.. I always tried to treat everyone the same because I wanted that when I stopped playing I could come back. I didn’t want them to see me as a returning player, but as someone we love and I don’t feel like I’m leaving, by the way. I’m not leaving Madrid.”

Finally and amid rumors about his next destination, the Brazilian has no doubts. “I don’t think much about the future… The hardest part is saying goodbye. Wearing this shirt is the most beautiful. The future does not scare me because history is already written. There is no uncertainty,” he concluded.

Check Marcelo’s tears as he bids farewell to Real Madrid

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