Camilo Moya fue el capitán de Universidad de Chile ante Colo Colo en La Plata.

At the University of Chile they advance the settlement of Camilo Moya. The student body decides to prematurely end the link which united them to the 24-year-old midfielder until December 2022. Beyond his promising debut at the club, the player has never managed to return to the level he he once had as one of the future leaders of the campus.

Faced with such a scenario, 0’Higgins, who today is in seventh position, with 21 points, decided to bet and sign him for the next six months. The Celestials are looking to recover a footballer who has only participated in six games of the 2022 National Tournament, with only 177 minutes.

His time at the U never managed to find the tranquility he so longed for. In January 2021, during the campaign where the students were minutes from relegation, Moya was already criticized. “The truth is that I am very self-critical. I have lowered my level. Lately I haven’t found my best version, but I’m working”pointed out the midfielder.

At the start of the 2022 season, Roggiero decided that Moya would stay in the team. The Ecuadorian kept him in the lay team, beyond the questions that existed about his performance. He even became captain at the start of the season. In friendly matches played in Argentina, the midfielder wore the jineta.

“I think with all the desire I have for 2022, I would love to. I’ve been at the U since I was twelve and being a captain would be great. It’s not in me anymore, it depends other factors, but I would like to assume it,” he said, excited about his future.

Santiago Escobar, the former technician student, chose to recover it. He gave it a regularity and included it in his initial outline. However, after being expelled from the Superclásico against Colo Colo, on the fifth date of the contest, he never took center stage again. In that loss, when the students fell 4-1 to Cacique, he came on at 75 minutes and received the red card at 87′.

The expulsion marked Moya’s future at the club. It was never considered again. And faced with their lack of notoriety, the youth team took to social media to upload themselves, receiving insults from fans that forced them to block the comment wall on their Instagram account. “Swallow poison, accept injustice, may everything be balanced in the end”this is what the player posted along with a photo with the club shirt.

Moya leaves the U without having established himself as a reference. The criticism at his level, which came with the underperformance of the team, never allowed him to take on the leading role he had sought for so long.

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