Gustavo Quinteros insists as reinforcement on the fact that he did not pass the medical examinations to go to Colo Colo: "He can play without problem"


Colo Colo coach Gustavo Quinteros does not consider the incorporation of Ramiro González completely closed, who last week was ruled out by management because he could not pass the routine medical examination. In dialogue with Círculo Central de TV+, the Cacique technician also made reference to Martín Rodríguez.

Gustavo Quinteros does not lose faith by incorporating Ramiro González in Colo Colo
© Agency OneGustavo Quinteros does not lose faith by incorporating Ramiro González in Colo Colo

The protocols are very respected in some clubs. For this reason, despite the economic agreement, Colo Colo had to rule out the arrival of Chilean-Argentinian defender Ramiro González, as the Talleres de Córdoba player did not satisfactorily pass the routine medical examination before signing. his signature.

However, the defender was one of Gustavo Quinteros’ favourites. The white coach needs the injured Emiliano Amor as a replacement and that’s why he doesn’t want to consider the issue closed, but rather faces the decision of the doctors of the popular group, as he has said during a dialogue with the show TV+ Central Circle. .

“Ramiro González played normally, he trained normally in the clubs, but well, there are things in which maybe the medical part, the images, do not coincide with the clinical part. So there are decisions that the clubs make, that the doctors make, but we are aiming for a player who is active and who can play without any problem”, he condemned.

Therefore, the DT does not want to twist the arm. “For me, (González) is a player who could come and be important for the team. He played the Copa Libertadores, he did very well; he was in Mexico recently and he also did very well; and we have to somehow replace Emiliano Amor, who won’t be here for two or three months,” the strategist stressed.

Another latent case is that of Martín Rodríguez, constantly monitored by the cacique to determine if there is an alternative so that he can leave the Altay Spor of Turkey. “Martín Rodríguez is a player we haven’t been able to replace since he left, he’s still on the file to come back, at least for us as coaches,” explained Gustavo Quinteros.

In this sense, the Argentinian-born strategist assures that “it would be very important for (Rodríguez) to return. But hey, he has a contract in Turkey. He will have to fulfill it or if the club does without his services, maybe being that could also be a possibility,” explained the Cacique coach.

More options. Considering Christian Santos’ departure request, the alternative of adding a new striker is in effect. For this reason, Colo Colo is monitoring “two or three possibilities”, assured the DT. “None are close, so it’s not convenient to talk about players who are not going to arrive,” warned the strategist.

“Ramiro (González) was in negotiations at Colo Colo and another goalkeeper is not ruled out. What happens is that we only have three signings. The market in the middle of the year is very If in one of these positions or if any of these players is not there, a goalkeeper arrives”, added Quinteros.

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