Gustavo Quinteros puts the share of realism in the names of the Colo Colo file: "None of the possibilities is close"
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El Cacique is having a complicated transfer window and couldn’t close any signings for the second half. In addition, the one who was tied fell.

Gustavo Quinteros wants three reinforcements for Colo Colo
© Agency OneGustavo Quinteros wants three reinforcements for Colo Colo

One of the recurring themes in the latter part of the first half and so far in the second at Colo Colo, is the hiring of new players. Gustavo Quinteros repeated ad nauseam that he needed a larger team to be able to compete on the three fronts that appear on the road.

Unfortunately for the coach, the priorities have changed a bit. It is that the injuries came to modify the schedule, having to replace Emiliano Amor and, probably, Brayan Cortés.

As for the defender, everything was on track, in fact, Ramiro González was the man chosen to occupy the central position, as he had everything Colo Colo and Quinteros himself needed. However, despite playing regularly and with no apparent medical issues, the player failed the exams and won’t wear the Cacique’s shirt.

As for the goalkeeper, Cortés’ quick recovery has chilled efforts to sign a replacement. Although talks are ongoing with Mauricio Viana, the little consensus he has generated has chilled the negotiations and diluted the option.

Regarding the reinforcements, Gustavo Quinteros pointed out in the “Círculo Central” program that “We want to strengthen the team with the three additions in this window to try to have more chances of becoming champions and qualifying for the Copa Libertadores”.

Regarding the frustrated arrival of Ramiro González, the strategist was surprised, because he is “a player who played normally and who played in all the clubs where he was, but maybe in the medical part he does not did not coincide with the images and his diagnosis.We targeted an active player and available to play. For me, it is important that he can come because it would be important for the team. He was in Mexico recently and we have to replace Amor who won’t be able to be there in two or three months.”

But if we talk about players the coach aspires to, it’s Martín Rodríguez. The Tin has been a recurring theme at Colo Colo since leaving for Turkish football, unable to be replaced, which is why Gustavo Quinteros insisted on his return. And while he’s on the case, his contract situation complicates things a bit.

“Martín Rodríguez is a player that since his departure we have not been able to replace him, has always been on file so you can come back. He’s a player who has a contract in Turkey or if the club terminates his services, that could be a possibility as well.”

Finally, the DT put the part of reality at the level of the names which appear in the file and, in addition, did not exclude the arrival of a guard. “Let’s talk about two or three possibilities. No chance is near, it is not convenient to give names that may not arrive. We talked about Ramiro because he was negotiating with Colo Colo. The keeper thing is not ruled out, the mid-year market is now limited. If one of these positions cannot be reinforced or does not exist, a goalkeeper comes“, hill.

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