Gustavo Quinteros reveals the reason for Luciano Arriagada's lack of notoriety at Colo Colo: 'He has to keep growing'

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The 20-year-old striker is one of the young promises of the Cacique youth academy and in 2021 he had an exceptional participation with goals included, but this season he has only played the last minutes of one game. An explanation ? Quinteros reveals the reason for this decision.

Arriagada only adds 34 minutes of play in this 2022.
© Agency OneArriagada only adds 34 minutes of play in this 2022.

Luciano Arriagada was one of young values who got the most attention summer camp in the 2021 season, where they lost the title down the stretch with Universidad Católica, and in 10 games played they scored 2 goals. However, for this 2022 Gustavo Quinteros He didn’t give it the same importance.

The Young 20-year-old striker trained in the lower divisions of the Cacique He was hoping to improve on his past record this season but the truth is he has only played one game out of the 22 the albos have played in that first half that left them top of the national league.

The Lota native’s last appearance came on February 27, where close to home ground they traveled to Huachipato to suffer a 1-0 defeat. In this duel, Luciano entered at 63′ and only managed to stay on the pitch 34 minutes before the final whistle at 90+7′, and it was now that the white coach explained the reasons for its maintenance.

Thus, the Bolivian nationalized Argentine coach took a break in the Eternal Champion’s offseason in Argentina to speak with the TV+ program Círculo Central, where they consulted him about the disappearance of Arriagada in his plan.

Thus, Quinteros had no problem referring to the Arriagada situation and bluntly admitted that “it must continue to grow, it must improve, evolve“, to recognize later that “that way you will have more chances“.

Along with this, the white coach acknowledges that “we do training and friendly matches every week and the player who must play first we put it“.

Chile is not characterized by the sale of players under the age of 20 in millions of dollarsyes Colo Colo had an offer for a 20-year-old player, another who was Vicho Pizarro, another who was Jeyson Rojas. If we hadn’t put them in the first division, there wouldn’t have been an offer,” he added.

Regarding a possible sale of its players, including youngsters, Quinteros underlined that “the ideal is that the players who are going to be sold are at the end of the seasonOtherwise, it will be very difficult to replace them because you cannot have local players and the foreign quotas are limited. It’s not very responsible to sell or retire players in the middle of the year.”

To conclude, Gustavo Quinteros pointed out that “it has been filled almost perfectly with a lot of young players at Colo Colo of which there are offers for small players. There were players who were very resistant when we arrived like Suazo and Cortés and who didn’t have the level they have now, they didn’t have the performance they had now and that was very important for save us from relegation, to qualify for Libertadores”.

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