He stays: a Colo Colo player rejected an offer from abroad

During these hours, the hard work continues in summer camp and in the rest of the clubs in Chile to play a good role in the transfer market and crown it with hierarchical reinforcements and releases of players who are not taken into account by the coaches. Precisely, Gustavo Quinteros’ team was about to say goodbye to a member of his team, but for now he will stay to fight for a position.

This is Christian Santos, who was very close to leaving the Cacique at the start of the year, but various negotiation problems made him stay in the Chilean workforce. In any case, June or July should be the ideal time for him to leave with the approval of the black and white council. As “DaleAlbo” discovered, the current summer camp he was able to emigrate to Honduras, but the Venezuelan rejected the offer.

Santos has one goal in 10 games played

It was a good possibility to be key in Motagua, one of the most powerful institutions in this Central American country, but it is also a world-renowned league that sucks, for which it meant practically disappearing from the orbit of world football and more precisely of top-level football from Europe, Argentina, Brazil or Mexico. Moreover, Álvaro De La Rocha has reported that the Eternal Champion striker has no desire to go to a country in the middle of the American continent.

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