High Impact in Hidden Truths Chapter 1124: Olivia threatened Mateo and Martina took revenge

In Chapter 1124 of Hidden TruthsMartina finally discovered the whole truth and began her revenge against Gaspar and Mateo, but this time accompanied by Olivia.

The above happened after the criminologist found the location of the San Martín family, where the lawyer was hiding from the police, because we remember that he is a fugitive from justice.

Knowing all the background, Martina went to the field with a weapon, with the aim of ending once and for all the series of attacks they suffered in the passage of Nueva Esperanza.

In this context, Rocío and Leonardo’s daughter surprised Gaspar from behindwhile pointing a gun at him, and pointing out that his lover was away so he could help him.

The brutal beating of Gaspar by Martina

Later, we saw that the criminologist had tied the lawyer’s hands and feet, generating a moment of tension between the two.

There, Diego and Samanta’s son begged her to call the police and end everything, at which point Martina said she had no intention of doing so, but would solve the problem. business with his own hands.

second act, The young woman used a mitt to begin giving him a series of blows, which left the lawyer bleeding on the ground.

Hidden truths: Olivia threatened Mateo and Martina took bloody revenge on Gaspar


“We’re going to solve it ourselves, and we’re just getting started. It was for my mother, the one coming now is for me,” the woman said.

After that, they showed that Mateo had arrived at the cabin, where Gaspar had supposedly left him a note leaving him, causing him to lose his mind and burst into tears.

Before this scene, Martina burst in and revealed that she knew the whole truth about her identity, to assure him that he would put an end to this series of revenges, by taking his life.

Hidden truths: Olivia threatened Mateo and Martina took bloody revenge on Gaspar

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Did Olivia attack Mateo?

However, the criminologist was attacked by Mateo and took away his gun, stating that it would not be her who would kill him, but someone else.

“I”, was heard saying behind the villain’s backin the case of Olivia, who followed Martina and confronted the father of her child.

After this moment, the chief asked his cousin to leave the place, as she would take care of the situation, ending the scene at the sound of a gunshot.

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