Historical personalities from South America judge Chile after the judgment of FIFA in the Byron Castillo case: "He does not know what to do anymore to enter the World Cup"

FIFA’s decision in the Byron Castillo case has given Chile a slap in the face. La Roja and their fans lamented an unfavorable decision that hit national aspirations to settle in the Qatar 2022 World Cup. didn’t deliver the expected results and The Everybody Team didn’t just come in empty-handed, but he was also criticized by his peers for trying to secure a place in the planetary event by secretary and not by his own performance.

The intentions of the entity in charge of Chilean football to seek to settle in the tournament by administrative means have been around the world. The eyes of all fans of the sport, and in particular those of Ecuadorian and La Roja fans, have closely followed all the details of a situation that so far has not changed. For the moment, despite the fact that Quilín will not give up and will exhaust resources with the aim of Eduardo Berizzo’s students obtaining a place in the competition.

Beyond the fact that the ANFP is fighting for a fact that it considers unfair, in the other South American countries they reject its actions. The historic selections of the continent regret that the Team of All bet all their cards to leave Ecuador without the World Cup due to the denunciation of Castillo and, incidentally, to obtain a direct quota. Mainly due to the poor performance they showed in the last Qualifiers, in which the Reds finished in seventh place, giving them no chance to qualify.

Alberto Tarantini, former Argentine footballer champion with the Albiceleste at the World Cup which took place on Trans-Andean soil in 1978, fully aligns with the decision taken by the entity in charge of international football and takes the opportunity to take stock of the association chaired by Pablo Milad. “If FIFA has decided that way, that’s how it should be. Chile no longer knows what to do to get to the World Cup.” expresses the exlateral, in dialogue with El Deportivo.

For the Rabbit, from the Red they should not have complained, since their level displayed on the playing field was the one that left them without going to Qatar: “The games are won on the pitch, beyond the fact that there could have been a mistake or whatever. But it was not essential that Chile did not qualify, that is why the Ecuador qualified”.

For his part, Peruvian Germán Leguía, a World Cup player with his national team in Argentina 1978 and Spain 1982, the accusation made by La Roja will damage his reputation with his peers. “If they couldn’t win on the pitch, it wasn’t Ecuador’s fault. Chile lost the standings, as they didn’t have a good draw. They should have left it at that, because the fact that they don’t give him the reason leaves them worse.”, manifests. And adds: “Chile should have deserved the option on the pitch. The campaign he had was not good, they should have left him there, what happened after was worse.

In his opinion, everyone’s team will be misplaced against the other selections, assuring that even the Blanquirroja have been affected by the uncertainty. “Chile looks bad. All the comments that you can hear from everywhere, from South America in particular, said that what Chile is doing is ugly, besides distracting the playoffs that Peru have,” he said.

In the Ecuadorian village, on the other hand, they feel more relieved by FIFA’s decision, since the complaint has endangered their presence at the planetary event, beyond the security and calm that the FEF has made evidence during the process. Jacinto Espinoza, former goalkeeper of the Tri, holds nothing back and shoots at all costs against the ANFP.

“Once a coach taught me that you have to defend yourself on the pitch as a man and not cry like a child, so you couldn’t defend yourself there. I think Chile followed the second way, mourning what he couldn’t defend on the pitch as a man. He’s a great selection. Unfortunately, things went the way they did. FIFA has already agreement with Ecuador and Chile is like a shoe. There is sadness for its Chilean people, because they have my respect. In these qualifiers, they were very far and they were very bad trying to enter through the windowit is said.

Tarzan also spoke about the effects of the accusation on the player involved, who surely went through difficult months while FIFA investigated his case: “Chile looks bad in the world. It’s sad what they wanted to do. A player with extraordinary conditions was the victim of media intimidation. I hope now that he can recover mentally and that he can continue to grow as a footballer.”

From the national team, they have already announced that they will appeal to the determination of the governing body of world football and that they will even reach the CAS. Espinoza is not worried, however, and assures that the ANFP is making a mistake by insisting on the accusation. “They, like any citizen or country that feels dissatisfied, have every right to do so. But Ecuador has the merit of qualifying early and we have to prepare for the World Cup, not for what Chile thinks. They have my respect, but I think this time their managers are wrong“, he concludes. Now we just have to wait to find out how this story will end.

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