How sad!  The #PobreNovio actress opens up about her breakup with her partner

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This week we witnessed the end of one of the TV series that has added many followers since it started and it was not for nothing, since #poorboyfriend It was one of the big elections to see in the afternoon of Mega.

In this line, who belonged to the cast of the television series and made his debut there was Nathalie Verawho starred as Genesis in the production and has now given plenty to talk about thanks to the posts he’s been posting on his social media.

On her Instagram account, the Venezuelan told her followers that she was going through a difficult personal time and revealed the reasons for her discomfort.

sadness of a breakup

All suspicion that something was happening to the actress was due to the fact that, thanks to a post she uploaded to her Instagram account, she wrote “I want to be myself again. Use this audio and put in a video where you pretend you’re fine and you’re really broken.”

After this fact, he gave the correct answer for what was happening: she and her ex-partner, Abraham Linares, have decided to end their relationship after more than six years togethersomething not little and that would be the reason why he was having a hard time.

“Abraham and I are fine, I mean, we get along, obviously, we have our differences, that’s why we separateNathalie explained and in one of these recordings she said she would move out, since they both lived together.

As for his current state of mind, the man who plays Genesis went on to explain, “I’m super good right now, I have moments of great joy and very sad moments, but it’s normal”, in addition to specify when they were together “It wasn’t three days, it was six years.”

On the other hand, despite the fact that she was coming out of a breakup which made her sad, the negative comments were not long in coming, since many pointed out that this fact was used to promote her new single, a song of sorrow of love. who takes his name “I will Survive”.

“I’m impressed by how many people who know me, close to me, who think I’m doing this for the ‘show or marketing’ of my new song” Nathalie Vera responded to those who thought she was enjoying the moment and went on to bring up the topic “I don’t think any sane person would end up feeling so bad just to promote a song.”

Finally, he concluded by showing his discomfort by saying that “These people who say they know me really don’t know me.”

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