'I called her Nina Simone because she was black and ugly': Jordi Castell talks about controversial sayings in La Divina Comida |  Television and Show

Through a post on social networks, the photographer made reference to the words exposed in La Divina Comida.

Jordi Castell, Pamela Lagos, Jose Andrés Murillo and Evelyn Matthei They were guests of the recent chapter of La Divina Comida, which had some good times and others that caused some controversy. One of them was made by the photographer.

It happened when Castell opened up about adopting her dog named Nina simone, who was born and raised in complex conditions.

“She was arrested in appalling situations. There were five puppies that were born locked in a cardboard box, because the stupid owner had the brilliant idea of lock the mother dog in a box for the duration of her pregnancy”he explained.

After that, the expander of SQP He said the puppies mother had passed away, so with a foundation he started the adoption process.

“The males were all gorgeous, blond, and this black female came in, malnourished… The poor thing was ugly as the dark night. In fact, that’s why, with all due respect, I named her Nina Simone because she’s black and ugly.” assured.

These last remarks aroused many criticisms towards Jordi, who decided to raise the subject via a publication on Instagram.

The release of Jordi Castell

In a social media post, the photographer explained his statements and categorically denied having racist attitudes, as has been criticized on social media.

“Any veterinarian or foundation that saves animals has in their hands the statistics that the dogs that no one wants to adopt are black females (…) That’s why I wanted to give mine the full privilege treatment. Much like my dog, black women have been the ones who have ruled my approach to music for as long as I can remember. DIana Ross, Aretha Franklin, Grace Jones, Donna Summer and of course Nina Simone.”

He also responded to those who commented on his statements on Twitter in recent days. the chapter of divine food It came out last Saturday.

“I understand and regret that there are people who look in the mirror and don’t like what they see, they trigger anger and resentment, seek excuses to insult and even believe in their narrow minds that I am a racist. Do not continue to believe that with a chlorine bath you will whiten, because you are wasting your time in addition to giving capricious interpretations to my words,” he said.

“If you want to put words or twist something I said out of love for my dog ​​or any black animal, go interpret whatever you want,” he concluded.

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