"I couldn't go out to make mobiles": Priscilla Vargas recounts the discrimination she suffered because of her name |  Television and Show

The journalist recalled her debut on television, where she claimed to have been discriminated against for having lived in San Bernardo and her own name.

Journalist Priscilla Vargas was the talk show’s new guest from you to youwhere Martín Cárcamo discussed with the communicator different moments of his life.

A) Yes, Vargas recalled his childhood in San Bernardo, as well as his television debutwho, he assured, was not free from discrimination both because of the sector in which he lived and because of his own name.

“A while ago there were stereotypes and specific ways of knowing how a driver should be. Have you ever been discriminated against?Cárcamo asked the reporter, who nodded for a moment.

“Listen, at one point I went to ask for a job at a chain and I spoke to this person that I had met in my office. So he was the boss, he greets me and says: ‘ Hello Priscilla, how are you? How is Saint Bernard?and when he says that I thought: ‘this business is going to cost me dearly’“, he recalled, emphasizing that the question was always in an affectionate tone.

“If I lived in Providencia, or Vitacura, Santiago or Ñuñoa, they wouldn’t ask me how Providencia or Vituacura is,” he pointed out.

“Being at Mega, where I had a great career, I feel that I met people who made it difficult for me”he mentioned, recalling that the discrimination was not exclusive to his municipality of residence, but also to his first and last name.

It was then that she confessed to feeling discriminated against “for not coming from a town in the eastern sector or for not having a foreign surname or calling me Priscilla… which I had never questioned “.

The discrimination suffered by Priscilla Vargas

Thus, the space host wanted to deepen the fact of the discrimination she suffered for being called Priscilla Vargas, to which the host of Here we are all He remembers a moment from his television debut.

“There was a time when I approached a producer to find out why I couldn’t go out and do mobiles. He only went there if someone was missing, always taking advantage of the opportunities,” he began by saying.

“So he told me that They don’t like me because my name is Priscilla, emphasizing that “you know what it is”. I remember the producer was very embarrassed to say that,” he recalls.

But it was not exclusively in this explanation. A few days later, he said, passing through a news section, “I hear him say, ‘No, but how are they going to take her to mobiles if her name is Priscilla Vargas?“.

“I remember I left and I parked on a street to cry. I said to myself: ‘how strange that I’m crying because my name is Priscilla Vargas’. I really felt at some point that it was heavy, because I was always going to have to prove more than the others”account.

Thus, she recalled her efforts to be recognized because, despite the remoteness where she lived from the chain, she was always punctual, she never missed work and, above all, she was always dressed to go to the screen.

“I was always ready for a motive. If I didn’t come in for makeup, I would go through makeup to be ready if someone needed someone. When someone was missing, the bosses arrived and saw someone with slippers, another with a sweatshirt, and I was ready”commented.

“I really kind of beat that adversity. At one point, I saw people protesting in the streets claiming that this country is classist, because it gives opportunities to a privileged group… I just said ‘you’re absolutely right’. And it is that we do not look at the capacities, ”he accused.

Thus, Vargas pointed out that “in this country, and especially in Santiago, it is much harder to get out. But instead of giving up, I insisted and insisted and insisted until they realized my name wasn’t my abilities.

Although her early years were difficult, Vargas remains proud of what she has accomplished to this day. On the other hand, concerning the people who discriminated against her, she assured that she never confronted them, but that “life took so many turns that I did not need to confront them”.

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