In Colo Colo they do not dramatize the situation of Pablo Solari: "He has always been addicted to the group, they say things that are not"

César Fuentes spoke at a press conference, where he sent shivers down his spine on the Pibe situation and appreciated the demanding off-season in Argentina.

César Fuentes assessed Colo Colo's offseason in Argentina.
© summer campCésar Fuentes assessed Colo Colo’s offseason in Argentina.

Colo Colo continues its offseason work at the Hotel Los Cardales in Buenos Aires and a few moments ago César Fuentes spoke at a press conference and appreciated what this preparatory work has been for of a demanding second semester.

In the first instance, the Corralero argued that “this was useful to uswe had days off, we were able to come back with everything and going back to the physical part of the team, which is the most important thing we have, the intensity. We haven’t had any positive results in the cup, but in the league we are still leaders and this semester we don’t want to lose the tipWe want to continue there and play well. We had to get back to the physical condition we had at the start of the year.We hope we can start in the best possible way in the Chilean Cup”.

Along the same lines, the midfielder assured that “we have started a full week of training, with duplications, charged in the physical. These matches are always taken as an apprenticeship, we have things to improve and that cannot happen to us in the league. Beyond the physical and the healing, you have to think about how demanding everything is, that it will be very difficult. missing players, but it served to make the boys prepared and on par with us”.

Asked about the points to be corrected, he specifies that “every day we worked on different topics to improve. We all individually know what we need to improve. A lot goes into focus, that’s why we go about it day by day, we focus only on getting there in the best way. We are working on the details and hopefully this will be reflected in tournaments”.

About the physical defeat at the end of the first round, Fuentes commented that “We arrived a little tight, we had a lot of games, a lot of movement. That’s why we have to be better physically, being a hundred we can beat anyone, compete with anyone. We hope that in this offseason we can continue prepare ourselves physically and settle details that made us lose points last semester”.

Pablo Solari case

Finally, the midfielder was clear in pointing out that Pablo Solari is completely focused on Colo Colo after his frustrated departure from Mexico to America. “He was always addicted to the group, we say things that are not. We don’t get involved in anything anymore, we only think about the team, doing well and starting the Copa Chile in the best way,” he concluded.

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