'It rushes the exit': Gustavo Quinteros explains Pablo Solari's situation at Colo Colo

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Pablo Solari received an offer from America from Mexico to leave Colo Colo. After being rejected, rumors indicate that El Pibe is in rebellion, although Gustavo Quinteros has clarified what happened in recent days.

Pablo Solari wasn't happy with Colo Colo's slam against America
© Agency OnePablo Solari wasn’t happy with Colo Colo’s slam against America

The relation between summer camp Yes Paul Solari seems to be living a delicate moment in the off-season in Argentina. The America from Mexico came to offer to take the Pibebut received a door slammed by the cacique.

The Aztec giants have been interested in signing El Pibe for several months, but since dawn they refused to accept. Already this summer, the Eagles made an offer for the Argentine striker, but Blanco y Negro protected him for the duration of his participation in the Copa Libertadores.

After the elimination, in America, they rubbed their hands. With Colo Colo out of the tournament there were many more possibilities to go in search of Pablo Solari, but once again in the Monumental a resounding “No” was heard.

The offer is considered insufficient and once again the Cacique refuses to sell the Pibe to the Eagles.. This situation would have annoyed the player, who had a license for a few days to meditate on what was happening with his career. Of course, the rumors did not wait and even a total breakup was rumored in the media.

Gustavo Quinteros details Pablo Solari’s condition after US bid

Amid speculation, from Colo Colo, they decided to clear everything up in order to avoid future issues. In a conversation with Círculo Central, Gustavo Quinteros detailed what happened with Pablo Solari in recent days and some of the decisions that were made during the offseason.

The Cacique’s coach made it clear from the start that El Pibe won’t be present in Monday’s friendly against Platense, but will be against Tigre on Thursday. “Not tomorrow, but maybe Thursday, yes,” he said before giving the reasons. “It’s a decision to test players in one game or another“.

Gustavo Quinteros saved nothing and explained the frustration felt by El Pibe. “It’s normal that when a team makes an offer, which is insufficient for the people at the club, the player gets a little angry or emotionally depressed the first few days”.

The white coach continued on this path, stressing that he received the support of the technical staff. “We spoke to him. we try to make you understand that when there are contracts signed you must fulfill them, the sale does not depend on you or his departure”:

In fact, Gustavo Quinteros left a message for the forward for America’s sake. “It seems to me that Solari is a player who can aspire to play in Europe, it seems to me that he is rushing the release at the moment because we are in the middle of the season. If it was at the end of the season, I would respect the decisions.”

Dollars don’t make more or less of a difference, but for Colo Colo it’s important to keep the team going. Our main objective is to win the championship, to participate in the Copa Sudamericana and the Copa Chile. I prefer the National Championship more”, condemned.

Colo Colo is waiting for Pablo Solari to refocus on what the second part of the season is and thus fight for all the objectives. If he continues at this level, El Pibe will surely have bigger offers than Liga MX.

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